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Oliver Hudson's Profile

Brief about Oliver Hudson: By info that we know Oliver Hudson was born at 1976-09-07. And also Oliver Hudson is American Actor.

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Blood relatives often have nothing to do with family, and similarly, family is about who you choose to make your life with.

Tags: Family, Life, Relationship

Father or stepfather - those are just titles to me. They don't mean anything.

Tags: Dad, Father, Mean

Fathers in today's modern families can be so many things.

Tags: Dad, Modern, Today

His advice to me is basically to just love what you do and don't let the fear of failure stop you.

Tags: Failure, Fear, Love

I want babies. I think I'll be a great dad.

Tags: Babies, Dad, Great

My mom is in her mid-60s and has more energy and is more youthful than any human being I know. It's pretty incredible.

Tags: Human, Mom, Pretty

Parent hard, play hard. That's my philosophy.

Tags: Hard, Parent, Philosophy

Personally, fame never really played any part in our family life.

Tags: Fame, Family, Life

We were taught manners and we had to do our chores - Katie and I grew up as normal kids.

Tags: Kids, Manners, Normal

I have a box of things from Becca, my high school girlfriend, and Vanessa; and each one of them was love. I have the notes, the valentines, 20 mixed tapes, all of it. It's important to keep that stuff.

Tags: Keep, Love, School

You can love someone like your son, even if he's not your biological son, and you can love someone like your father, even if he's not your biological father.

Tags: Father, Love, Someone
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