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Paul Daniels's Profile

Brief about Paul Daniels: By info that we know Paul Daniels was born at 1938-04-06. And also Paul Daniels is British Entertainer.

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You'll like this, not a lot, but you'll like it.

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I don't get many hecklers now but answering them is an art form in itself.

Tags: Answering, Art

I don't particularly have any magical ambitions, but then, I never did. I just enjoyed the game.

Tags: Enjoyed, Game, Magical

Even though the vast majority of my work was outside television, the amount of creation and inventing that went into the TV shows was non stop and, unknown to me, a great strain.

Tags: Great, Stop, Work

When people say to me don't the years go fast I have to be honest and say that whereas I don't realise where they go in the long term, I pack so much into a year it seems to take forever.

Tags: Honest, Seems, Year
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