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Paul Scheer's Profile

Brief about Paul Scheer: By info that we know Paul Scheer was born at 1976-01-31. And also Paul Scheer is American Actor.

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Adult Swim has cornered this really cool market, especially for comedy shows.

Tags: Adult, Comedy, Cool

FX does a great thing with its comedies where they give them a slow push out there.

Tags: Give, Great, Push

I love that experience of seeing a bad movie or a movie that you don't even know, and then experiencing it with your friend.

Tags: Bad, Experience, Love

I saw every single movie when I was a kid.

Tags: Kid, Movie, Single

My background is in improv and writing.

Tags: Background, Improv, Writing

Summer movies are all about things blowing up and you going, 'Yeah!'

Tags: Movies, Summer, Yeah

The Internet is just a chance to do something. Nowhere else can you go, 'I have an idea, I can write this idea, and I can execute this idea.'

Tags: Chance, Else, Write

You're only as good as your body of work.

Tags: Body, Good, Work

I'm married, and my wife has set out very limited Xbox limits. But if I had my druthers, I'd be playing all the time and never see any of my friends or do any work.

Tags: Time, Wife, Work

It's funny to think of Dave Chappelle's show and how popular it was and he was before YouTube. I would imagine 'Chappelle's Show' would be even more giant if there was a chance to put his stuff online and pass it around.

Tags: Chance, Funny, Put

Kiefer Sutherland is a crazy jerk on '24,' but you love him because he gets the job done. And I think that that goes for a lot of action stars, I mean Steven Segal is a jerk, but you want to watch him because, eventually, he's a jerk who can beat up bad people.

Tags: Bad, Crazy, Love

The most frustrating part of working in TV and film is that you have to convince someone to let you make what you want; in comics you can do whatever you want and for 1% of the budget of TV and film.

Tags: Someone, Whatever, Working