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Peter Eisenman's Profile

Brief about Peter Eisenman: By info that we know Peter Eisenman was born at 1932-08-11. And also Peter Eisenman is American Architect.

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Architects design houses. I live in a home.

Tags: Architects, Design, Home

Architecture is definitely a political act.

Tags: Act, Definitely, Political

I am immersed in architecture all day, working in my office or teaching.

Tags: Office, Teaching, Working

I am very different as a parent to new kids. My work changed from being rooted in the sky to being rooted in the earth.

Tags: Earth, Kids, Work

I don't believe that classical architecture is enough to engage people anymore. They say: 'So what else is new?'

Tags: Anymore, Else, Enough

I don't design houses with the nuclear family idea because I don't believe in it as a concept.

Tags: Design, Family, Idea

I don't know how to use appliances. I mean, I use the coffee maker. But that's it.

Tags: Coffee, Maker, Mean

I really don't even think of myself as being Jewish except when I'm in Germany.

Tags: Except, Germany, Jewish

I truly believe that the great heroes that create the history of architecture are people who take risks and write to tell about it.

Tags: Great, History, Tell

I was in Jungian analysis for 20 years, 1976-96.

Tags: Analysis

I'm a Larry David fan, right? And it seems to me that Jewish history from the Talmud on has been a self-deprecating, self-critical kind of humor.

Tags: History, Humor, Seems

If you were a son of mine, I wouldn't want you to be an architect, because it's a tough way to be in the world.

Tags: Mine, Son, Tough

In New York, a Jew is a Jew, an Italian is an Italian, a Muslim is a Muslim: Nobody's going out of his way to treat you in a special way.

Tags: Nobody, Special, Treat

My father went to Rutgers, and I grew up in New Jersey, so I'm a great Rutgers fan. I have season tickets.

Tags: Father, Great, Season

My wife has her stuff and her taste, and I have my stuff and my taste.

Tags: Her, Stuff, Wife

The guy who sits in front of the TV set with headphones on has lost the capacity to react to the tactile environment.

Tags: Front, Guy, Lost

The more centralized the power, the less compromises need to be made in architecture.

Tags: Less, Power

The problem with digital architecture is that an algorithm can produce endless variations, so an architect has many choices.

Tags: Choices, Endless, Problem

There's no such thing as an absolute openness. Openness is relative, I think, in all societies.

Tags: Openness, Relative, Societies

Conservation destroys the present. If we are only busy preserving the past, we are not living in the present and unable to look forward. I am against conservation. We should let young people move forward, whether we agree with them or not. We should let new things happen.

Tags: Busy, Forward, Past

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