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Portia Simpson-Miller's Profile

Brief about Portia Simpson-Miller: By info that we know Portia Simpson-Miller was born at 1945-12-12. And also Portia Simpson-Miller is Jamaican Statesman.

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I'm a Christian woman, but I believe in human rights.

Tags: Christian, Human, Woman

No one should be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.

Tags: Against, Sexual

I grew up where my parents would literally shove me in the car rather than have to say hello to a neighbor.

Tags: Car, Parents, Rather

As a writer, all you want to do is write for great actors. That's all.

Tags: Great, Write, Writer

Every pilot I've ever written, I've fallen deeply and madly in love with. It's the only way I work.

Tags: Love, Work, Written

I like a certain style of show, I like a certain pace, I like a rhythm, I like a lot of comedy in with my drama.

Tags: Comedy, Show, Style

I think I would be making a mistake to actively try and just do everything completely different from 'Gilmore Girls.'

Tags: Making, Mistake, Try

I think music on television is just uniformly dreadful. It is mundane, it says nothing.

Tags: Music, Says, Television

No one in my writers' room can wear sweatpants.

Tags: Room, Wear, Writers

People have nannies and big cars, and they want to go to Maui for Christmas. When there are those kind of stakes involved, people get ruthless.

Tags: Big, Cars

The dance world was a big part of my growing up.

Tags: Big, Dance, Growing

To me, crazy is not someone who has a creative vision and will fight for it.

Tags: Crazy, Fight, Someone

Well, I have no time for therapy.

Tags: Therapy, Time

Well, I took ballet for many, many years, so my whole childhood really revolved around dance class. I grew up around dance; my mother was a dancer.

Tags: Dance, Mother, Whole

When you write for a show that's not yours, your job is to hear the voices of the characters and write as best you can for those voices.

Tags: Best, Job, Write

With a sitcom, everyday you do a run through, and people are judging you, and the scripts are being changed nightly, nightly, nightly.

Tags: Everyday, Judging, Run

Families can be the most detrimental things to have in your life. They are sometimes the most poisonous relationships that people have. Sometimes family is the thing that keeps you from ever achieving what you want to achieve, and yet people hold it and hold it and grab it and try to fix it and twist it and turn it.

Tags: Family, Life, Try

I don't go on the Internet. I never go on the Internet. I don't go on Twitter. I'm not on Facebook. I've seen friends go into dark, dark holes of sadness because of that. Frankly, I don't have the time or the attention span for it.

Tags: Friends, Sadness, Time

I think every writer has got to direct. If you don't direct, you can't protect your work. The only way to ensure that it's going to be as close as possible to what you put down on paper - and what you see and hear in your head - is to do it yourself.

Tags: Put, Work, Yourself

If we based everything in Hollywood on who was a nice guy, holy moly, we would have no movies. No actors would work. This is not an industry that is ruled by kindness and generosity.

Tags: Movies, Nice, Work
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