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Rick Bragg's Profile

Brief about Rick Bragg: By info that we know Rick Bragg was born at 1959-07-26. And also Rick Bragg is American Author.

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I don't think there's a difference between writing for a newspaper or magazine and doing a chapter in a book.

Tags: Between, Book, Writing

It is not unusual to send someone to conduct an interview you don't have time to conduct. It's what we do.

Tags: Conduct, Someone, Time

Most national correspondents will tell you they rely on stringers and researchers and interns and clerks and news assistants.

Tags: National, News, Tell

People who think there is something pedestrian about journalism are just ignorant.

Tags: Ignorant, Journalism, Pedestrian

The best writers who have put pen to paper have often had a journalism background.

Tags: Best, Often, Put

I have dictated stories from an airport after writing the story out in longhand on the plane that I got from phone interviews and then was applauded by editors for 'working magic.'

Tags: After, Working, Writing

There are these boutique writers out there who think if they are not writing their novels sitting at a bistro with their laptops, then they're not real writers. That's ridiculous.

Tags: Real, Ridiculous, Writing
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