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Rick Springfield's Profile

Brief about Rick Springfield: By info that we know Rick Springfield was born at 1949-08-23. And also Rick Springfield is American Musician.

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I think good art does come from a dark place.

Tags: Art, Dark, Good

I took that time off - I knew it was messing me up, not being connected to a spiritual plane.

Tags: Off, Spiritual, Time

I was - I've always been a bit of perpetual adolescent.

Tags: Adolescent, Bit, Perpetual

I was a happy kid up until I hit the teen years.

Tags: Happy, Teen, Until

I was one of those dark, quiet kids that wrote poetry.

Tags: Dark, Kids, Poetry

I was pretty burned out in '85 and was getting - starting to get into some issues.

Tags: Getting, Issues, Pretty

I was very fortunate to be at the vanguard of music video.

Tags: Fortunate, Music, Video

I went to America and got into a band, had success, had hits in Australia.

Tags: America, Band, Success

I would have been an Egyptologist if I had had the schooling.

Tags: Schooling

I would practice while listening to records or learn from musicians who were better than I was.

Tags: Learn, Musicians, While

I write to be truthful in my songs, which is why I wrote what's painfully truthful about my life in my autobiography.

Tags: Life, Why, Write

I'll watch any show on the History Channel.

Tags: History, Show, Watch

I'm a songwriter, principally, and I was real excited that people liked my songs, but you get a bit of an ego about it.

Tags: Ego, Real, Songs

I've always liked the heavier stuff. I've always loved Tool and System of a Down, Korn and Nine Inch Nails.

Tags: Loved, Stuff, System

I've always treated women well.

Tags: Treated, Women

I've gone pretty high at times so I think the yin yang of that is going pretty low.

Tags: High, Pretty, Times

I've heard from writers and musicians and fans that they think I'm underrated.

Tags: Fans, Heard, Musicians

It would be pretty shabby to appear flippant around a documentary that's about how much I love my fans.

Tags: Fans, Love, Pretty

It's a rock 'n' roll thing to have one-night stands.

Tags: Rock, Roll, Stands

Life is good. Yes, it's great.

Tags: Good, Great, Life

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