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Robert Culp's Profile

Brief about Robert Culp: By info that we know Robert Culp was born at 1930-08-16. And also Robert Culp is American Actor.

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Spry is not a look, spry is behavior.

Tags: Behavior

There is no sense in doing a wonderful script with somebody who can't direct because that is a disaster.

Tags: Sense, Somebody, Wonderful

I've had it happen to me before where it turns out that they never had the money and couldn't have made the movie in the first place. And these are the things you have to look for when trying to read the behavior of the people you sit down with.

Tags: Happen, Money, Trying

Waters are distilled out of Herbs, Flowers, Fruits, and Roots.

Tags: Flowers, Fruits, Roots

Let your Medicine be something of the Nature of the Sign ascending.

Tags: Medicine, Nature, Sign

The Herbs ought to be distilled when they are in their greatest vigor, and so ought the Flowers also.

Tags: Flowers, Greatest, Herbs

All Juleps are made for present use, and therefore it is in vain to speak of their duration.

Tags: Present, Speak, Vain

For God's sake build not your faith upon Tradition, 'tis as rotten as a rotten Post.

Tags: Build, Faith, God

Gather all Leaves in the hour of that Planet that governs them.

Tags: Hour, Leaves, Planet

In all Diseases strengthen the part of the Body afflicted.

Tags: Body, Diseases, Strengthen

Thus have you the way of making Conserves, the way of keeping of them is in Earthen pots.

Tags: Keeping, Making, Pots

Such Roots as are soft, your best way is to dry in the Sun, or else hang them up in the Chimney corner upon a string; as for such as are hard you may dry them any where.

Tags: Best, Hard, May

The Barks of Trees are best gathered in the Spring, if it be of great Trees, as Oaks or the like, because then they come easiest off, and so you may dry them if you please, but indeed your best way is to gather all Barks only for present use.

Tags: Best, Great, May
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