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I put up my thumb and it blotted out the planet Earth.

Tags: Earth, Put  ✍ Author: Neil Armstrong

Civilization... wrecks the planet from seafloor to stratosphere.

Tags: Wrecks  ✍ Author: Richard Bach

So, you know, I think the age of exploration is just beginning, not ending, on our planet.

Tags: Age, Beginning  ✍ Author: Robert Ballard

When I arrived on the planet, there were only two billion. Wildlife was more abundant, we were less so; now the situation is reversed.

Tags: Less, Situation  ✍ Author: Sylvia Earle

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.

Tags: Magic, Water  ✍ Author: Loren Eiseley

I never belonged anywhere. I just felt like a creature from another planet.

Tags: Another, Felt  ✍ Author: Siobhan Fahey

There are probably already too many people on the planet.

 ✍ Author: Roger Federer

We have six-and-a-half-billion people on the planet, going rapidly towards seven. We're going to need a lot of inventiveness about how we use water and grow crops.

Tags: Grow, Water  ✍ Author: Roger Federer

You have to see my show to believe that I'm the only unique Nina Hagen on this planet.

Tags: Show, Unique  ✍ Author: Nina Hagen

There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet.

Tags: Life, Single  ✍ Author: Stephen Hawking

I am optimistic globally. So many scientists are working frantically on the reparation of our planet.

Tags: Optimistic, Working  ✍ Author: Steve Irwin

Terrorism is a horrible thing that is the great threat to civilization on our planet.

Tags: Great, Terrorism  ✍ Author: Walter Isaacson

I wasn't making music consciously when I was younger. I was a musician, but that has its own stigmas. Anywhere on the planet, it's one of the more undervalued positions.

Tags: Making, Music  ✍ Author: K\'naan

I have cellulite, just like almost every other woman on the planet.

Tags: Almost, Woman  ✍ Author: Kim Kardashian

I was reared a Catholic but I think every day we ask ourselves, not consciously, what are we doing on this planet? What's it all about?

Tags: Ask, Ourselves  ✍ Author: Liam Neeson

Without question Gibson guitars are the finest, most revered guitars on the planet.

Tags: Finest, Question  ✍ Author: Ted Nugent

I'm surrounded by it. I have so many lovely people around me who are supportive, gentle, kind and considerate. I'm so grateful for every day that I'm on the planet and that continues to be so.

Tags: Grateful, Lovely  ✍ Author: Richard O\'Brien

Chiapas is probably the main concern I have right now for the planet.

Tags: Concern, Main  ✍ Author: Edward James Olmos

I support the indigenous people anywhere in the planet.

Tags: Anywhere, Support  ✍ Author: Edward James Olmos

A world is in danger, this planet is in great danger!

Tags: Danger, Great  ✍ Author: Queen Rania of Jordan

The Latino community, they're some of the most loyal fans on the planet.

Tags: Community, Fans  ✍ Author: Mark Sanchez

I really wonder what gives us the right to wreck this poor planet of ours.

Tags: Poor, Wonder  ✍ Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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It is easier for a man to be loyal to his club than to his planet; the bylaws are shorter, and he is personally acquainted with the other members.

Tags: Club, Loyal  ✍ Author: E. B. White

I couldn't have found a better man than Brad. He still opens doors for me and brings me flowers. He's the sweetest goofball on the planet.

Tags: Flowers, Found  ✍ Author: Jennifer Aniston

The threat to the planet is us. It's actually not a threat to the planet - it's a threat to us.

Tags: Actually, Threat  ✍ Author: Margaret Atwood

We have the most beautiful planet - the Rockies, the purple fields of the United States, the Lake District, the Pyrenees, the turquoise seas of the tropics.

Tags: Beautiful, United  ✍ Author: Dan Aykroyd

Sometimes I think I'm the craziest person on the planet.

Tags: Craziest, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Lynda Barry

If you're going to be alive and on this planet, you have to, like, suck the marrow out of every day and get the most out of it.

Tags: Alive, Suck  ✍ Author: Drew Barrymore

Going to hospital is rather like going to an alien planet.

Tags: Hospital, Rather  ✍ Author: Quentin Blake

Exxon, Coca-Cola, BHP Billiton and News Corporation have much more say in organising the global agenda than the planet's 5 billion mature-age voters without a ballot box.

Tags: Global, News  ✍ Author: Bob Brown

I think Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Tags: Beautiful, Women  ✍ Author: Brooke Burke

I feel like I'm the luckiest man on the planet.

Tags: Luckiest  ✍ Author: Robert Carlyle

I am from the planet of elegance.

Tags: Elegance  ✍ Author: Ron Carter

In my planet, fashion, I'm the only straight man.

Tags: Fashion, Straight  ✍ Author: Roberto Cavalli

I hereby accuse the North American empire of being the biggest menace to our planet.

Tags: American, Biggest  ✍ Author: Dennis Chavez

I love knowing that I'm not better than any other person on the planet.

Tags: Knowing, Love  ✍ Author: Thomas Haden Church

Well, I had a fiddle that I really can't play, so I loaned it to Darrell. But yeah, he's from another planet.

Tags: Another, Yeah  ✍ Author: Guy Clark

Hello from above our magnificent planet Earth.

Tags: Above, Earth  ✍ Author: Laurel Clark

I'm the greatest rock and roll drummer on the planet and you suck.

Tags: Greatest, Rock  ✍ Author: Tre Cool

I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets. Most astronauts were reluctant to discuss UFOs.

Tags: Planets, Visiting  ✍ Author: Gordon Cooper

I'm not the hottest tuner on the planet, so I normally get someone to come out and do it for me.

Tags: Hottest, Someone  ✍ Author: Caroline Corr

I was a 'Planet of the Apes'-obsessed kid.

Tags: Kid  ✍ Author: Joe Cronin

Gather all Leaves in the hour of that Planet that governs them.

Tags: Hour, Leaves  ✍ Author: Robert Culp

I believe global warming and climate change are real threats to our planet.

Tags: Change, Real  ✍ Author: Andrew Cuomo

It's really important for boys to see that girls take up half of the planet - which we do.

Tags: Half  ✍ Author: Geena Davis

As lower-cost phones begin to penetrate, they'll become the educator and physician everywhere on the planet.

Tags: Become, Begin  ✍ Author: Peter Diamandis

I can set up shop anywhere. I've got my oils, I've got my yoga mat and I'm good to go. I must know good yoga classes in about 25 cities on this planet.

Tags: Anywhere, Good  ✍ Author: Minnie Driver

I must know good yoga classes in about 25 cities on this planet.

Tags: Cities, Good  ✍ Author: Minnie Driver

I think the dangers are different now. Our abuse of the planet and our resources is an anxiety.

Tags: Abuse, Anxiety  ✍ Author: Carol Ann Duffy

As for me, I'm just passin' through this planet.

 ✍ Author: Howard Finster

It's this upside-down world that we live in where we afford political correctness to the most intolerant group of individuals on the planet.

Tags: Group, Political  ✍ Author: Tom Flynn

There are only two races on this planet - the intelligent and the stupid.

Tags: Intelligence, Stupid  ✍ Author: John Fowles

More and more, in any company, managers are dealing with different cultures. Companies are going global, but the teams are being divided and scattered all over the planet.

Tags: Company, Divided  ✍ Author: Carlos Ghosn

Most of my peers in television seem to be from a different planet. I don't hang out with any of them.

Tags: Seem, Television  ✍ Author: Trisha Goddard

Coconut milk is the only thing on this planet that comes identically to mother's milk.

Tags: Milk, Mother  ✍ Author: Dick Gregory

I looked like a 'Super Mario Bros.' Goomba. It's arguably the ugliest haircut on the planet.

Tags: Haircut, Super  ✍ Author: Matthew Gray Gubler

Alligators and crocodiles are some of the most aggressive creatures on the planet - they'll take down a boat if you come up to their nest.

Tags: Aggressive, Boat  ✍ Author: Jack Hanna

Hollywood is much more than America. Hollywood belongs to all of the planet.

Tags: America, Hollywood  ✍ Author: Michel Hazanavicius

You know, from my point of view, I'm the luckiest cat on the planet.

Tags: Point, View  ✍ Author: Hugh Hefner

London is one of the most enchanting places I've ever been on this planet.

Tags: London, Places  ✍ Author: Don Johnson

We must act swiftly in order to halt the rate of decay our planet faces.

Tags: Act, Order  ✍ Author: Henry W. Kendall

Man's world is the planet of inexperience.

 ✍ Author: Milan Kundera

Hundreds of millions of human beings on our planet increasingly suffer from unemployment, poverty, hunger, and the destruction of their families.

Tags: Human, Poverty  ✍ Author: Hans Kung

Compared with the thousands of years in which human life has been on this planet, Christianity is a recent development.

Tags: Human, Life  ✍ Author: Kenneth Scott Latourette

I refuse to accept Pluto's resignation as a planet.

Tags: Accept, Refuse  ✍ Author: Amy Lee

The Radiohead record, The Bends is my all-time favorite record on the planet.

Tags: Favorite, Radiohead  ✍ Author: Tim Berners-Lee

I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.

Tags: Rather, Sleepy  ✍ Author: Jack London

I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.

Tags: Rather, Sleepy  ✍ Author: Jack London

My function as a writer is to provide an atmosphere in which people can think wisely about what we're doing on this planet.

Tags: Function, Writer  ✍ Author: Barry Lopez

I am the luckiest actress on the planet.

Tags: Actress, Luckiest  ✍ Author: Susan Lucci

Every breath we take as human beings damages the planet.

Tags: Breath, Human  ✍ Author: Kevin McCloud

We see an entire planet which has many limitations.

Tags: Entire  ✍ Author: Ralph Merkle

I'm one of the more pessimistic cats on the planet. I make Van Gogh look like a rodeo clown.

Tags: Cats, Clown  ✍ Author: Dennis Miller

I'm optimistic about people and about the planet and about nature. I think it's resilient, like people are.

Tags: Nature, Optimistic  ✍ Author: Viggo Mortensen

Occasionally the state of the planet can knock me off my perky perch.

Tags: Off, State  ✍ Author: Graham Norton

Music is for every single person that walks the planet.

Tags: Music, Single  ✍ Author: Robert Plant

Two hundred or more years ago most people on the planet were never aware of any reality other than the one into which they were brought up.

Tags: Aware, Reality  ✍ Author: Chaim Potok

I don't see how I possibly could have come from where I entered the planet to where I am now if there had not been angels along the way.

Tags: Along, Angels  ✍ Author: Della Reese

Our planet is warming due to pollution from human activities. And a warming climate increases the likelihood of extreme weather.

Tags: Human, Weather  ✍ Author: Gloria Reuben

We are safer if there are not nuclear arsenals around the planet that can be utilized, stolen, sold to terrorists and others who would do harm.

Tags: Nuclear, Others  ✍ Author: Susan Rice

NASA should start thinking about this planet.

Tags: Start, Thinking  ✍ Author: Wally Schirra

When I read 'Planet Terror,' it was like nothing I had ever read before remotely, and yet it has so many references.

Tags: Read, Terror  ✍ Author: Marley Shelton

I try to do things that I think are helpful to the environment, to the animals, and to the planet.

Tags: Helpful, Try  ✍ Author: Russell Simmons

All I have to say is: Jessica Simpson is the most beautiful woman on the planet!

Tags: Beautiful, Woman  ✍ Author: Jessica Simpson

If we all think only of our own interests, we are headed for collective disaster - just look at what we are doing to our planet's climate.

Tags: Disaster, Interests  ✍ Author: Peter Singer

Global warming, the ongoing destruction of the planet, Third World debt, the uselessness of the railways, the takeover by the corporations, the scary George Bush person: all these things are important and should be animating me into outrage. Yet somehow they do not.

Tags: Debt, Scary  ✍ Author: Arthur Smith

This planet is 15 million years overdue for an asteroid strike like the one that killed the dinosaurs.

Tags: Million, Strike  ✍ Author: L. Neil Smith

Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.

Tags: Dig, Place  ✍ Author: Gary Snyder

What we're doing to the planet is inexcusable.

 ✍ Author: Ian Somerhalder

We seem to think we have some control over this planet.

Tags: Control, Seem  ✍ Author: Ralph Steadman

It was a different planet in 1967, the Broadway theatre. It had a little ashtray clamped to the back of every seat and the author got 10% of the gross.

Tags: Author, Theatre  ✍ Author: Tom Stoppard

We owe at least this much to future generations, from whom we have borrowed a fragile planet called Earth.

Tags: Earth, Future  ✍ Author: Maurice Strong

It's up to people like us, all of us, to address and talk about things like runaway global warming and how we can use things like remote viewing to save our planet.

Tags: Save, Talk  ✍ Author: Jim Sullivan

We have altered the physical, chemical and biological properties of the planet on a geological scale. We have left no part of the globe untouched.

Tags: Left, Physical  ✍ Author: David Suzuki

We're the only species that have crapped up the planet and the only species that can clean it up.

Tags: Clean, Species  ✍ Author: Dennis Weaver

I always remembered that when I saw people get married they got on a rocketship and went to Planet Happiness, Population: Them.

Tags: Happiness, Married  ✍ Author: Marc Webb

The whole Disney thing is really interesting, in a way, how that's so permeated life and the world and the planet.

Tags: Life, Whole  ✍ Author: Jason Wiles

I'm very flattered, but I don't think I'm the sexiest man on the planet.

Tags: Flattered, Sexiest  ✍ Author: Douglas Wilson

The variety of genes on the planet in viruses exceeds, or is likely to exceed, that in all of the rest of life combined.

Tags: Life, Rest  ✍ Author: E. O. Wilson

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