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Sam Palladio's Profile

Brief about Sam Palladio: By info that we know Sam Palladio was born at 1986-11-21. And also Sam Palladio is British Actor.

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As a musician myself, it annoys the hell out of me to watch an actor trying to play a guitar out of time with the music.

Tags: Music, Time, Trying

Cornwall has lots of folk and Celtic music and has that kind of surfer vibe as well. That was my kind of upbringing.

Tags: Folk, Lots, Music

I am a self-taught guitarist. I just try to piece together passages that have some melodic value!

Tags: Together, Try, Value

My family runs a little art gallery back in Cornwall, so flashy cars and things like that have never really been particularly interesting to me.

Tags: Art, Cars, Family

If you break up with a girlfriend or a boyfriend, you're in this vulnerable state where you're still kind of half in the relationship with them, but you're single, and it takes a while to feel solid in yourself again.

Tags: Again, Single, Yourself

I have always been terrified of the death of my parents. I never knew if I could count on myself. I never knew if that would send me over the edge.

Tags: Death, Knew, Parents

It's time to stop obsessing about overhead and start focusing on progress. Change charity, and charity can change the world.

Tags: Change, Start, Time

Silence, you know, is the best place to get close to spirit for me.

Tags: Best, Place, Silence

And when your phone rings, pick it up. Open yourself up to the possibility a phone call offers. Discover this remarkable device called the telephone. It will give you a serious competitive advantage.

Tags: Give, Serious, Yourself

It has been said that love is a function of communication. I believe that to be true. I believe, by extension, that human understanding is a function of communication. And the better human beings understand one another, the higher the level of functioning.

Tags: Human, Love, True

It's time to re-think charity. It's time to give charity the big-league freedoms we really give to business. The fight for these freedoms must be our new cause, because without them, all of our causes are ultimately lost.

Tags: Business, Fight, Time

We aren't upset when Paramount makes a $200 million movie that flops, but if a charity experiments with a $5 million fundraising event that fails, we call in the attorneys. So charities are petrified of trying bold new revenue-generating endeavors and can't develop the powerful learning curves the for-profit sector can.

Tags: Learning, Powerful, Trying

You used to be able to just call people. You didn't have to be on someone's calendar to have a phone conversation. The telephone was an important and valuable domain of communication, both for casual, friendly chats and for professional exchanges of ideas and information. But no more.

Tags: Able, Friendly, Someone
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