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Sean Elliott's Profile

Brief about Sean Elliott: By info that we know Sean Elliott was born at 1968-02-02. And also Sean Elliott is American Athlete.

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I was a healthy young man, and I thought I was invincible before I was diagnosed with kidney disease.

Tags: Healthy, Thought, Young

I'm a prime example of the way kidney disease strikes silently.

Tags: Disease, Example, Prime

All the fans being here got my adrenaline going. I definitely got a burst of energy from them.

Tags: Energy, Fans, Here

It's not every day you do something that's never been done before.

Tags: Done

I'd like people to know that you can head off kidney disease, maybe prevent a transplant or stop the disease from progressing after detection by doing a simple urine test in the doctor's office.

Tags: After, Off, Simple
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