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Sebastian Bach's Profile

Brief about Sebastian Bach: By info that we know Sebastian Bach was born at 1968-04-03. And also Sebastian Bach is Canadian Musician.

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Inside I never said I wanted to do theatre or be an actor.

Tags: Said, Theatre, Wanted

It is easy for me to go play a rock show, I have been doing that all my life and I love that.

Tags: Life, Love, Rock

It's too easy to do your own site to not have one these days. I guess everyone has one.

Tags: Days, Easy, Everyone

Kids don't go out and buy CDs, they make their own, they download them from the Internet.

Tags: Download, Internet, Kids

My vocal style is called bel canto, which is an old Italian vocal style going back hundreds of years.

Tags: Italian, Old, Style

My voice has gotten me everything in my life, not my hair.

Tags: Hair, Life, Voice

So, it ended up being what you have there, seven songs brand new and ten live songs which is a good mix.

Tags: Good, Songs, Ten

Sometimes you can do things for people other than yourself.

Tags: Sometimes, Yourself

The way I look at a solo project is, I create what I want with whoever I want.

Tags: Create, Project, Whoever

There is no singing anymore, everything is yelling and shouting and rapping and that is real boring to a guy like me.

Tags: Boring, Guy, Real

There's way easier ways to make money, let's just put it that way.

Tags: Money, Put, Ways

They don't have the edge that I need. I'm not interested in reliving 1988.

Tags: Edge, Interested, Reliving

They have had such a crazy life living with me as their dad. Not crazy but different from their friends.

Tags: Crazy, Dad, Life

To think that when they come out with these gigantic songs, it's pretty tough to top them, you know.

Tags: Pretty, Top, Tough

Well, you know, if you do 200 shows a year, they're not all going to be like Castle Donnington.

Tags: Castle, Shows, Year

What is music for? It's to make you feel good.

Tags: Good, Music

Yes, but I have to say this: the band is going to decide where the band plays.

Tags: Band, Decide, Yes

You have got to make new music, that is the way that I look at it anyway.

Tags: Anyway, Music

I had to get out of my record deal that I signed with my previous band and get a full solo record deal going so, with all of the paperwork that, that entails it did take a while.

Tags: Band, Full, While

Maybe if they start playing new rock bands videos, then maybe but there is no point in a guy like me spending 250 grand for a video that no one is ever going to see.

Tags: Point, Rock, Start
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