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Shaffi Mather's Profile

Brief about Shaffi Mather: By info that we know Shaffi Mather was born at 1970-02-06. And also Shaffi Mather is Indian Businessman.

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I learnt the hard way about positioning in business, about catering to the right segments.

Tags: Business, Catering, Hard

Legitimate profit is good. What's bad is profiteering.

Tags: Bad, Good, Profit

In the modern-day world, where time is premium and battle for subsistence is unimaginably tough, the hapless common man simply gives in and pays the bribe just to get on with life.

Tags: Battle, Life, Time

The stronger you stand on your principles, the easier it is to fight. The first time, it's tough, but the second time, it's always easier. You just have to push for your rights.

Tags: Fight, Time, Tough