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Shigeru Miyamoto's Profile

Brief about Shigeru Miyamoto: By info that we know Shigeru Miyamoto was born at 1952-11-16. And also Shigeru Miyamoto is Japanese Designer.

Some Shigeru Miyamoto's quotes. Goto "Shigeru Miyamoto's quotation" section for more.

Game music has a purpose and it does incorporate sound effects.

Tags: Game, Music, Purpose

I always try and come up with a clear theme when I'm making a videogame.

Tags: Clear, Making, Try

I don't really think of things in terms of legacy or where I stand in the history of Nintendo or anything like that.

Tags: History, Legacy, Stand

I enjoy thinking about ways to create something that other people have not even thought about, something no one has managed to achieve.

Tags: Enjoy, Thinking, Thought

I never really participated in specific sports or anything, but once I hit 40, I started to get a little bit more active and began swimming more.

Tags: Once, Sports, Started

I think everyone can enjoy games.

Tags: Enjoy, Everyone, Games

I think I can make an entirely new game experience, and if I can't do it, some other game designer will.

Tags: Designer, Experience, Game

I try not so much to create new characters and worlds but to create new game-play experiences.

Tags: Characters, Create, Try

I wanted to make something very unique, something very different.

Tags: Unique, Wanted

I'm not saying that I'm going to retire from game development altogether.

Tags: Game, Retire, Saying

My days all follow much the same pattern. They are structured and typical.

Tags: Days, Follow, Pattern

Nowadays I think it's really important that designers are really unique and individual.

Tags: Individual, Nowadays, Unique

Of course, I have my own limits as to how much game software I can take care of at any one time.

Tags: Care, Game, Time

Providing new means of entertainment is the important thing.

Tags: Means, Providing

There's definitely space for uniqueness in a home console.

Tags: Definitely, Home, Space

Today, there are many, many ways to entertain people in one single videogame. And the Internet has made it so easy for people to ask for clues.

Tags: Easy, Single, Today

What I found is that just in the lifestyle today, people have fewer and fewer opportunities to get exercise.

Tags: Exercise, Found, Today

When I create a game, I try to focus more on the emotions that the player experiences during the game play.

Tags: Focus, Game, Try

I used to draw cartoons. I'd just show them to some of my friends, expecting that they were going to appreciate them, that they were going to enjoy reading them.

Tags: Enjoy, Friends, Show

I'm very impressed that there are so many fans - not just in Japan, but here in America - that are fond of the work that I've done. I'm actually kind of embarrassed by it all.

Tags: America, Done, Work

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