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Shirley Henderson's Profile

Brief about Shirley Henderson: By info that we know Shirley Henderson was born at 1965-11-24. And also Shirley Henderson is Scottish Actress.

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I spend plenty of time in London and it doesn't scare me, but it's a lonely place, even if you've got friends there. My job takes me all around the world, meeting lots of interesting people. But I think if I couldn't get home, if I couldn't get back to what I consider my real life I'd be frightened.

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American scripts are usually non-stop conversation. People talking over each other. I like that.

Tags: American, Scripts, Talking

I daydream all the time, and I like that quality.

Tags: Daydream, Quality, Time

I don't have children, but we all want to protect whatever we love in life.

Tags: Children, Life, Love

I don't know what I'd do if I had to look pretty all the time.

Tags: Pretty, Time

I like doom and gloom with a sense of humour. Maybe it's a Scottish thing, we like to undercut indulgence with a laugh.

Tags: Laugh, Maybe, Sense

I wasn't frightened of people, but I didn't have a clue about the adult world.

Tags: Adult, Clue, Frightened

I'm not going to get an Oscar at 30 - that's done. So I'll think of something else.

Tags: Done, Else, Oscar

There is such pressure on kids these days to be the best at everything.

Tags: Best, Days, Kids

You suddenly find yourself somewhere and you wonder, how did I get in this room? That happens to me all the time, every day!

Tags: Happens, Time, Yourself

Children don't just play any more - they're far too busy learning to fence and taking extra French classes. In the end, you're actually doing more damage to your children by trying to hot-house them. It's far better to remain a calm parent.

Tags: Children, End, Learning

Filming is long - you get very tired, and your skin breaks out and you get lumps and bumps. It's easier if you're allowed to have bags under your eyes.

Tags: Eyes, Skin, Tired

I never get the tall, blonde, glamorous roles because I'm not tall, blonde and glamorous. I'm more the wee, disturbing characters because of the way I look or sound.

Tags: Blonde, Characters, Sound

I'm always nervous taking on a period role because it's difficult to research - you can't observe it, go out and see it. But it's satisfying because eventually you think, 'I got there.'

Tags: Difficult, Research, Taking

It's odd, because I used to see pictures, on telly or wherever, of what I now know to be Shaftesbury Avenue and I used to wonder what that amazing street with all the lights was. Well, now I know. I think when you get a wee taste of something, it maybe isn't what you thought it was.

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It's such a stress always trying to get bigger houses and larger cars and better schools. Of course, parents want to give their children the best opportunities in life, but sometimes that can stifle them.

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When I'm doing theatre, I feel like my life's on hold. Even though you might go out for a coffee, or go and see a film, your brain is still there, pulling you back to it.

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Youth makes you brave, I suppose. When you're young, you make a fool of yourself all the time. Because of all the rejections and the criticism you get all the time, there has to be a drive there.

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