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Sigmar Polke's Profile

Brief about Sigmar Polke: By info that we know Sigmar Polke was born at 1941-02-13. And also Sigmar Polke is German Artist.

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A negative is never finished.

Tags: Finished, Negative

As a child, I copied Duerer drawings and Bruegel.

Tags: Child, Copied, Drawings

I began drawing as a very young child and had a grandfather who experimented with photography, so those things constituted my first exposure to art.

Tags: Art, Child, Young

Picabia is a very old painter who some people try to connect me to, but I refuse such comparisons very well.

Tags: Old, Refuse, Try

There has to be an element of risk-taking for me in my work.

Tags: Element, Work

When I was young, I was interested in Renaissance art.

Tags: Art, Interested, Young

Yes, my works... are enshrined in museums, but I don't care if the pieces fall apart in 20 years.

Tags: Care, Fall, Works

Mostly, drawings are things I make for myself - I do them in sketchbooks. They are mental experiments - private inner thoughts when I'm not sure what will come out.

Tags: Mental, Sure, Thoughts

We were very poor and my family lost everything during the war - our home and our identity. But I'm a believer in luck and think the social conditions you're born into provide the opportunity for you to prove your luck. And I suppose I've been lucky.

Tags: Family, Home, War

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