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Stanislav Grof's Profile

Brief about Stanislav Grof: By info that we know Stanislav Grof was born at 1931-07-01. And also Stanislav Grof is Czechoslovakian Psychologist.

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In some instances, the accuracy of past-life memories can be objectively verified, sometimes with remarkable detail.

Tags: Memories, Remarkable, Sometimes

It is possible to see the intermediate state between lives as being in a way more important than incarnate existence.

Tags: Between, Lives, State

It is possible to spend one's entire lifetime without ever experiencing the mystical realms or even without being aware of their existence.

Tags: Existence, Possible, Spend

Many of us who have experienced psychedelics feel very much that they are sacred tools. They open spiritual awareness.

Tags: Awareness, Open, Spiritual

The beliefs concerning reincarnation have great ethical impact on human life and our relationship to the world.

Tags: Great, Human, Life

The elimination of the fear of death transforms the individual's way of being in the world.

Tags: Death, Fear, Individual

The knowledge of the realm of death makes it possible for the shaman to move freely back and forth and mediate these journeys for other people.

Tags: Death, Knowledge, Makes

The motif of death plays an important role the human psyche in connection with archetypal and karmic material.

Tags: Death, Human, Role

The psyche of the individual is commensurate with the totality of creative energy. This requires a most radical revision of Western psychology.

Tags: Creative, Energy, Individual

Unlike scientism, science in the true sense of the word is open to unbiased investigation of any existing phenomena.

Tags: Science, Sense, True

Walt Disney was my great hero.

Tags: Disney, Great, Hero

Ancient eschatological texts are actually maps of the inner territories of the psyche that seem to transcend race and culture and originate in the collective unconscious.

Tags: Actually, Culture, Seem

Many instances exist of small children who seem to remember and describe their previous life in another body, another place, and with other people. These memories emerge usually shortly after these children begin to talk.

Tags: Children, Life, Remember

According to materialistic science, any memory requires a material substrate, such as the neuronal network in the brain or the DNA molecules of the genes.

Tags: Brain, Memory, Science

Dying before dying has two important consequences: It liberates the individual from the fear of death and influences the actual experience of dying at the time of biological demise.

Tags: Death, Experience, Time

For any culture which is primarily concerned with meaning, the study of death - the only certainty that life holds for us - must be central, for an understanding of death is the key to liberation in life.

Tags: Death, Life, Study

I read Freud's Introductory Lectures in Psychoanalysis in basically one sitting. I decided to enroll in medical school. It was almost like a conversion experience.

Tags: Experience, Medical, School

Individuals approaching death often experience encounters with their dead relatives, who seem to welcome them to the next world. These deathbed visions are authentic and convincing; they are often followed by a state of euphoria and seem to ease the transition.

Tags: Death, Experience, Often

It became much more complicated politically to work with psychedelics because of the unsupervised experimentation with psychedelics, particularly among young people.

Tags: Among, Work, Young

Research challenges the materialistic understanding of death, according to which biological death represents the final end of existence and of all conscious activity.

Tags: Death, End, Research

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