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Taylor Schilling's Profile

Brief about Taylor Schilling: By info that we know Taylor Schilling was born at 1984-07-27. And also Taylor Schilling is American Actress.

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As an actor, what I'm finding is that I really like the extremes. I think that's really fun to play with.

Tags: Actor, Finding, Fun

Honestly, all the sweets and bad stuff on set don't really call to me because I'm working so much. I've trained myself to stay away from sugar.

Tags: Away, Bad, Working

I don't do detoxes or cleanses; they don't really work for me.

Tags: Work

I like to do yoga, Pilates, dance, and things like that.

Tags: Dance, Pilates, Yoga

I'm the girl who will show up in jeans no matter what - but the jeans can get fancier and fancier.

Tags: Girl, Matter, Show

I didn't spend a lot of time with prison guards, but my father was an assistant district attorney for a long time so I was always hearing stories about prisoners and prison guards.

Tags: Father, Spend, Time

I started doing yoga in college, so that has just become a staple of a self-care routine for my mind and my body. My body craves it at this point, so I do it two to three times a week, sometimes more. I practice Vinyasa style yoga and sometimes mix it up.

Tags: Become, Mind, Sometimes

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