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Tommy Chong's Profile

Brief about Tommy Chong: By info that we know Tommy Chong was born at 1938-05-24. And also Tommy Chong is Canadian Actor.

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The Shades never recorded anything, Little Daddy and the Bachelors recorded a couple of records, ya.

Tags: Couple, Daddy, Records

There's a hierarchy in prison, and I was right at the top.

Tags: Hierarchy, Prison, Top

They just wanted to show the entertainment world that we're vulnerable.

Tags: Show, Vulnerable, Wanted

Unfortunately, the American justice system is just riddled with lies and inconsistencies.

Tags: American, Justice, Lies

Well I don't know, I might have lost my citizenship, I don't think you can lose your citizenship though.

Tags: Lose, Lost, Might

Well, I had an after hours club in Vancouver and when any of the Motown acts would call.

Tags: After, Call, Hours

You can't become a dictator through checks and balances.

Tags: Balances, Become, Dictator

You know, I left the country when Reagan got in; I went to France.

Tags: Country, France, Left

One night all the James Brown band was playing on stage and I look in the back and I could see Mick Jagger and Keith Richards trying to get in the club and they couldn't get in cause it was to crowded.

Tags: Night, Playing, Trying

When you hit a groove, it's not you; it's the spirit world. The spirits whisper the ideas in your brain and prod you along. They're the ones that are really happy.

Tags: Brain, Happy, Spirit

I used to joke for years that I was a black man. I adopted the black culture, the black race. I married a black woman, and I had black kids. I always considered myself a 'brother.'

Tags: Black, Kids, Woman

I was about sixteen when I discovered that music could get you laid, so I got into music boy, didn't matter what you looked like either, you could be a geeky looking guy but if you played music, whoa, you'd get the girls.

Tags: Looking, Matter, Music

Religion is run by thought police. 'Obey. Listen. This is what you do. Don't ask questions. Go die for your country.' The spirituality says, 'Okay, you can die for your country, but know what you're doing while you're doing it.'

Tags: Country, Religion, Thought

To be in a situation where you have no rights whatsoever is something I wish everybody could experience. People's attitudes would change. It would be a better place.

Tags: Change, Experience, Wish

We won a contest at the teen fair in Vancouver and the first prize was a recording contract and we recorded at a radio station on the stairway, and we did a record and it got put out.

Tags: Fair, Put, Teen

You know, I left the country when Reagan got in; I went to France. And when George Bush Jr. got in, my instincts told me it was time to go - I'd felt that we had grown above that, you know?

Tags: Country, Left, Time

You look at Cheney, Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, and Bush - if you saw them on Halloween, they wouldn't need a costume. You'd give them a treat and compliment them on what great-looking demons they were. They are demons. There's no doubt about it.

Tags: Doubt, Give, Treat

Everything that happens to me is very cosmic.

Tags: Cosmic, Happens

I never did smoke that much pot; never was a big pothead.

Tags: Big, Pot, Smoke

People try to put ownership on things: 'That's mine, that's my joke.' No such thing. Like if you tripped or stumbled and people go, 'Oh, that's Charlie Chaplin.' You know what I mean? You can't own a joke. You can be the guy that tells it the best, but you can't own a joke. Nowhere can you own a laugh.

Tags: Best, Laugh, Mean
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