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Tommy Rettig's Profile

Brief about Tommy Rettig: By info that we know Tommy Rettig was born at 1941-12-10. And also Tommy Rettig is American Actor.

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A lot of my friends were fooling around with drugs then.

Tags: Fooling, Friends

It was the worst period of my life. I had all this gigantic acceptance as a kid, and all of a sudden there was this monumental rejection.

Tags: Acceptance, Life, Rejection

I had always turned it down-to me, smoking pot was absolutely the worst thing in the world. I thought of it as an addiction, and all my friends who smoked it, I felt they really needed help.

Tags: Friends, Help, Thought

I wanted to go to regular high school - it looked like a lot of fun.

Tags: Fun, School, Wanted

I wanted to have a normal childhood. Normal relationships.

Tags: Childhood, Normal, Wanted

I was still thought of as a kid actor even though I was in my mid twenties.

Tags: Actor, Though, Thought

I was totally devastated for four years in the mid '60s when l tried to buck the tide.

Tags: Four, Tide, Tried

Marijuana. Boy, I thought that was just terrible. How could this great man do this to his life?

Tags: Great, Life, Thought

Once in a while there was some TV offer and I'd take it.

Tags: Once, Tv, While

So, in the last year, the whole cast sued for release from our contracts.

Tags: Last, Whole, Year

The kids put you on a pedestal. I didn't like it.

Tags: Kids, Pedestal, Put

There's a big difference between somebody who does acid on weekends and somebody who takes downers every day.

Tags: Between, Big, Somebody

Well, I went to school with Jan and Dean, Ryan O'Neal, some of the Beach Boys we all use to party together.

Tags: Party, School, Together

Yeah, dog was this man's best friend, for sure.

Tags: Best, Friend, Sure

Yes, there was nothing else to do to get you high. I mean, there was, but white kids didn't hear about it.

Tags: Else, Kids, Mean

Acid wasn't getting a whole lot of bad press at the time, and as I saw the whole bad-press thing happen, I became aware that the government had done a whole lie on all the other benign drugs as well. It became clear to me that the government wanted no real drug education.

Tags: Education, Government, Time

My mom was a Democrat and I was scared to death that she was gonna blow it. First I was going to hell with Monroe, and now to Republican hell with Nixon.

Tags: Death, Hell, Mom

Then l learned to play guitar and l started writing songs and my mother formed for me a publishing business, so we started publishing and managing artists.

Tags: Business, Mother, Writing

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