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Tommy Thompson's Profile

Brief about Tommy Thompson: By info that we know Tommy Thompson was born at 1941-11-19. And also Tommy Thompson is American Politician.

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Build the roads and the jobs follow.

Tags: Build, Follow, Jobs

I think in the heat of emotions, some rhetoric is said that is a little explosive.

Tags: Emotions, Heat, Said

Tax cuts are an investment in working families.

Tags: Investment, Tax, Working

Very simply, I was the original conservative.

Tags: Original, Simply

We've lost 3,000 jobs in Beaufort County. We've lost half of our manufacturing workforce.

Tags: Half, Jobs, Lost

Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, if your standard-bearer for the presidency is not doing well, it's gonna reflect on the down-ballot.

Tags: Gonna, Republican, Whether

There is no greater example of government overreach and unrestrained liberalism than 'Obamacare.' It is so deeply flawed and such a clear and present threat to our economic stability that there is no way to fix it.

Tags: Economic, Government, Present