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Trevor Huddleston's Profile

Brief about Trevor Huddleston: By info that we know Trevor Huddleston was born at 1913-06-15. And also Trevor Huddleston is British Activist.

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God bless Africa, Guard her people, Guide her leaders, And give her peace.

Tags: Give, God, Peace

My responsibility is always and everywhere the same: to see in my brother more even than the personality and manhood that are his. My task is always and everywhere the same: to see Christ himself.

Tags: Brother, Christ, Himself

I am myself of a mixed background.

Tags: Background, Mixed

I love researching, I love interviewing.

Tags: Love

I love writing. It makes me so happy.

Tags: Happy, Love, Writing

I'll kind of get interested in a subject and I won't know why. It'll be in my head for many years and I'll say, 'Do I know enough here to research?'

Tags: Enough, Here, Why

I'm half Puerto Rican and half Jewish and so, in some ways, living in many worlds at once is where I feel most at home.

Tags: Home, Living, Once

The best way for me to procrastinate as a writer is research.

Tags: Best, Research, Writer

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