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Tulsi Gabbard's Profile

Brief about Tulsi Gabbard: By info that we know Tulsi Gabbard was born at 1981-04-12. And also Tulsi Gabbard is American Politician.

Some Tulsi Gabbard's quotes. Goto "Tulsi Gabbard's quotation" section for more.

As a combat veteran, I know the cost of war.

Tags: Cost, Veteran, War

I am a practicing Hindu and have made no secrets about it.

Tags: Hindu, Practicing, Secrets

I am privileged to be able to work for the people of Hawaii in whatever capacity.

Tags: Able, Whatever, Work

I volunteered to deploy to Iraq. I was one of the few soldiers who were not on the mandatory deployment roster - close to 3,000 Hawaii soldiers were.

Tags: Close, Few, Soldiers

In the military, I learned that 'leadership' means raising your hand and volunteering for the tough, important assignments.

Tags: Leadership, Learned, Tough

Looking at someone in a deployed setting, it's not in their best interest to get pregnant overseas, but if it happens, it happens.

Tags: Best, Looking, Someone

These days, it's often women in uniform - moms, wives, even grandmothers - who deploy and leave their families behind.

Tags: Leave, Often, Women

We cannot afford to walk down that dangerous path of government overstepping its boundaries into the most personal parts of our lives.

Tags: Cannot, Government, Path

When I started my campaign for Congress, I was one who people said, 'Tulsi, you have a bright future, but there's no way you can win.'

Tags: Future, Said, Win

Hawaii is a special place because we have a very diverse population there, who are very respectful and tolerant of those who have differing opinions and different views.

Tags: Opinions, Place, Special

Hopefully the presence in Congress of an American who happens to be Hindu will increase America's understanding of India as well as India's understanding of America.

Tags: America, American, Happens

I am a military police officer and I have served on two deployments; my first was to Iraq, in a medical unit, and my second deployment was to Kuwait, as a military police platoon leader.

Tags: Leader, Medical, Military

I chose to take the oath of office with my personal copy of the Bhagavad Gita because its teachings have inspired me to be a servant-leader, dedicating my life in the service of others and to my country.

Tags: Country, Life, Others

It is clear that there needs to be a closer working relationship between the United States and India. How can we have a close relationship if decision-makers in Washington know very little, if anything, about the religious beliefs, values, and practices of India's 800 million Hindus?

Tags: Between, Religious, Working

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