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Will Forte's Profile

Brief about Will Forte: By info that we know Will Forte was born at 1970-06-17. And also Will Forte is American Actor.

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I don't know if I was a funny kid. I would say I was a loud and weird kid.

Tags: Funny, Kid, Weird

I'm not very good at impersonations.

Tags: Good

It takes a certain type of person to register your 'Donkey Kong' score. So I'm just number 29 in registered Donkey Kong scores.

Tags: Number, Score, Takes

My life is littered with bad decisions.

Tags: Bad, Decisions, Life

You can do anything to my food and I'll still eat it.

Tags: Eat, Food

I feel like all my faults go into making the person that I am. I like myself as a person. And I think taking any fault away would change who I am as a person.

Tags: Away, Change, Making

I'm kind of under the radar. Not a lot of people notice me. Which is surprising, because I'm so sexy. They're probably intimidated by my sexiness and crushability.

Tags: Notice, Sexiness, Sexy

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