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William Christopher Handy's Profile

Brief about William Christopher Handy: By info that we know William Christopher Handy was born at 1970-01-01. And also William Christopher Handy is American Musician.

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Life is like a trumpet - if you don't put anything into it, you don't get anything out of it.

Tags: Life, Put, Trumpet

Life is something like a trumpet. If you don't put anything in, you won't get anything out.

Tags: Life, Put, Won

I knew the whistle of each of the river boats on the Tennessee.

Tags: Boats, Knew, River

I think America concedes that true American music has sprung from the Negro.

Tags: America, Music, True

My big ears indicated a talent for music. This thrilled me.

Tags: Big, Music, Talent

Nature was my kindergarten.

Tags: Nature

Saving was slow and painful.

Tags: Painful, Saving, Slow

Setting my mind on a musical instrument was like falling in love. All the world seemed bright and changed.

Tags: Changed, Love, Mind

The blues - the sound of a sinner on revival day.

Tags: Blues, Sinner, Sound

With a guitar I would be able to express the things I felt in sounds.

Tags: Able, Felt, Guitar

You've got to appreciate the things that come from the art of the Negro and from the heart of the man farthest down.

Tags: Appreciate, Art, Heart

The name of my ailment was longing, and it was not cured till I finally went to the department store and counted out the money in small coins before the dismayed clerk. When I came to the house, I held up the instrument before the eyes of the astonished household.

Tags: Eyes, Money, Small

Whenever I heard the song of a bird and the answering call of its mate, I could visualize the notes in scale, all built up within my consciousness as a natural symphony.

Tags: Bird, Song, Within

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