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Zac Posen's Profile

Brief about Zac Posen: By info that we know Zac Posen was born at 1980-10-24. And also Zac Posen is American Designer.

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Fashion is killing women's body image of themselves.

Tags: Fashion, Themselves, Women

Food is everything. Food, friends, family: Those are the most important things in life.

Tags: Family, Food, Life

I am a compulsive and concise shopper.

Tags: Compulsive, Concise

I am totally unattached to material items.

Tags: Items, Material, Totally

I don't believe in one ideal beauty.

Tags: Beauty, Ideal

I have a garden, and I collect different heirloom seeds from different neighbors.

Tags: Garden, Neighbors, Seeds

I love creative people.

Tags: Creative, Love

I started cooking out of middle school depression.

Tags: Depression, School, Started

I want to be a major force.

Tags: Force, Major

I'm quite a tuxedo junkie, I collect them all year round.

Tags: Quite, Round, Year

Listen, I'm not a rich kid. I'm a cultured kid; I'm very rich in culture.

Tags: Culture, Listen, Rich

New York ladies all look immaculate.

Tags: Immaculate, Ladies, York

People who devote themselves to a life of style are admirable.

Tags: Life, Style, Themselves

So many people are following fashion now. It's become fashion-tainment.

Tags: Become, Fashion, Following

Taking sartorial risks and not following other people is what makes you stand out.

Tags: Makes, Stand, Taking

The biggest thing politically within fashion is that the clothing should be displayed on different body shapes.

Tags: Body, Fashion, Within

There is no reason for me to show my collection in New York, because it's not about craft and technique there.

Tags: Reason, Show, York

Everybody wants to be a star right now, to be heard, to have a voice, so you have to give the confidence for people to have that ability - and give them the wardrobe to become a star.

Tags: Become, Confidence, Give

I have so many fashion mistakes, but that's part of being in fashion. I think the people that you see make the most mistakes are usually the best dressers.

Tags: Best, Fashion, Mistakes

There's not one major greatest influence on my career. It would be film and great artists and great imagineers - Jim Henson, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin, people who understand the joy of the imagination.

Tags: Career, Great, Greatest
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