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Budgetary Quotes

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As the GAO report recognizes, the long-term health of our forests relies on additional fuel reduction options and funding to reduce the risks that catastrophic fire poses to our nation's ecosystems, communities and federal budgetary resources.

Tags: Fire, Health, Nation  ✍ Author: Greg Walden

The Simpsons can go anywhere in the world and not worry about any budgetary issues. However, even when the show has had its run, I think the characters can go on in perpetuity.

Tags: Run, Show, Worry  ✍ Author: Dan Castellaneta

Mr. Chairman, the price for continuing this war is too high, not only in budgetary terms, but in American lives, Iraqi civilian casualties blamed on America and in the steady increase in the terrorist ranks that this war is provoking around the globe.

Tags: America, American, War  ✍ Author: John Conyers

I have voted to make tough decisions in budgetary times, I've served on two recessionary budgets, my opponent has never served on any a budget committee where there was less money to spend than the year before.

Tags: Decisions, Money, Tough  ✍ Author: Matt Gonzalez

The government has made $44 trillion in promises we can't afford to keep. We must get serious now about our long-term budgetary problems, recognizing that the sooner we act, the less painful the choices will be.

Tags: Government, Problems, Serious  ✍ Author: Judd Gregg

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