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Carol Kane's Quotes

Carol Kane profile photo

Born: 1952-06-18
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Carol Kane

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Acting is pretty much my whole life.

Tags: Acting, Life, Pretty

An actor really suffers when the director isn't prepared because you start running out of time for the shoot and then have to do it fast.

Tags: Actor, Start, Time

I don't feel that I have any great grasp of technique that I should pass along to people.

Tags: Along, Great, Pass

I don't like that I'm my own commodity, that I am what I sell.

Tags: Commodity, Sell

I don't put together cars, I put together people.

Tags: Cars, Put, Together

I have fun at work.

Tags: Fun, Work

I know I'll work, but not when or where. I never know what to pack.

Tags: Pack, Work

I make my relationships at work.

Tags: Work

I only eat things that you don't have to kill.

Tags: Eat

It's hard to regulate the speed at which you can achieve something creative and emotional.

Tags: Creative, Emotional, Hard

It's very hard to remain a student in life.

Tags: Hard, Life, Student

My face is my career.

Tags: Career, Face

People who are interested in the arts and theater are such a minority.

Tags: Arts, Interested, Theater

That's when the great stuff happens, when you're not checking yourself all the time, being critical of yourself and what other people are doing.

Tags: Great, Time, Yourself

The Oscar nomination made me a recognizable name to other actors and people in general.

Tags: General, Name, Oscar

Work is the most nourishing thing so far in my life.

Tags: Far, Life, Work

And my first film was Carnal Knowledge, another amazing experience, largely because of Mike Nichols, who would tell me you can't do anything wrong because you're doing everything right.

Tags: Amazing, Experience, Knowledge

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