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Charles Sanders Peirce's Quotes

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Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Philosopher
Nation: American
Biography of Charles Sanders Peirce

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All the evolution we know of proceeds from the vague to the definite.

Tags: Definite, Evolution, Vague

Doubt is an uneasy and dissatisfied state from which we struggle to free ourselves and pass into the state of belief; while the latter is a calm and satisfactory state which we do not wish to avoid, or to change to a belief in anything else.

Tags: Change, Doubt, Struggle

It is impossible not to envy the man who can dismiss reason, although we know how it must turn out at last.

Tags: Envy, Impossible, Reason

Bad reasoning as well as good reasoning is possible; and this fact is the foundation of the practical side of logic.

Tags: Bad, Fact, Good

Generality is, indeed, an indispensable ingredient of reality; for mere individual existence or actuality without any regularity whatever is a nullity. Chaos is pure nothing.

Tags: Individual, Reality, Whatever

Every new concept first comes to the mind in a judgment.

Tags: Concept, Judgment, Mind

A quality is something capable of being completely embodied. A law never can be embodied in its character as a law except by determining a habit. A quality is how something may or might have been. A law is how an endless future must continue to be.

Tags: Character, Future, May

It will sometimes strike a scientific man that the philosophers have been less intent on finding out what the facts are, than on inquiring what belief is most in harmony with their system.

Tags: Belief, Less, Sometimes

The essence of belief is the establishment of a habit; and different beliefs are distinguished by the different modes of action to which they give rise.

Tags: Action, Belief, Give

The final upshot of thinking is the exercise of volition, and of this thought no longer forms a part; but belief is only a stadium of mental action, an effect upon our nature due to thought, which will influence future thinking.

Tags: Future, Nature, Thinking
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Charles Sanders Peirce's quote #5
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