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Stop doing what the record companies are doing and do what's in your heart.

Tags: Heart, Stop  ✍ Author: Leif Garrett

In a world of commoditized knowledge, the returns go to the companies who can produce non-standard knowledge.

Tags: Knowledge, Returns  ✍ Author: Ayumi Hamasaki

You have more independent eyes scrutinizing the decision-making and financial statements of companies.

Tags: Eyes, Financial  ✍ Author: Raymond T. Odierno

Sporting goods companies pay me not to endorse their products.

Tags: Goods, Pay  ✍ Author: Bob Uecker

I don't think that old-fashioned idea of record companies exists any more.

Tags: Exists, Idea  ✍ Author: Sophie Ellis Bextor

You know we're going to control the insurance companies.

Tags: Control, Insurance  ✍ Author: Joe Biden

Those record companies don't know what's happening at all.

Tags: Happening  ✍ Author: Ritchie Blackmore

I should have my own publishing companies.

Tags: Publishing  ✍ Author: Solomon Burke

Insurance companies don't make anything.

Tags: Insurance  ✍ Author: James Dyson

Companies are not ingenious, it's the people in them that are.

Tags: Ingenious  ✍ Author: James Dyson

Pride is the first step in people unraveling and companies unraveling and relationships unraveling.

Tags: Pride, Step  ✍ Author: Jeff Foxworthy

There aren't enough people who are scaring the kind of people who work at these record companies.

Tags: Enough, Work  ✍ Author: Newt Gingrich

One startup I dream of funding is the one that kills the record companies.

Tags: Dream, Funding  ✍ Author: Martha Graham

The way companies hang on to their marketshare is by being scared.

Tags: Hang, Scared  ✍ Author: Trip Hawkins

Relatively few people should start companies.

Tags: Few, Start  ✍ Author: Reid Hoffman

I reckon I closed down at least two films companies, one of which was in Ealing in the mid 1950s.

Tags: Closed, Films  ✍ Author: Nigel Kneale

There are companies that are cutting their costs by over 50% by offshoring.

Tags: Costs, Cutting  ✍ Author: Akshay Kumar

There are no record companies in Waikiki.

 ✍ Author: Bruno Mars

I have worked with several dance companies.

Tags: Dance, Worked  ✍ Author: Issey Miyake

Companies that support sports developmental programs in our communities should also be applauded.

Tags: Sports, Support  ✍ Author: Mary Lou Retton

Right now I own shares of companies in 28 countries.

Tags: Countries, Shares  ✍ Author: Jim Rogers

So many dot-com companies were formulated on air.

Tags: Air  ✍ Author: William Shatner
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Joint-stock companies are yet in their infancy, and incorporated capital, instead of being a thing which can be overturned, is a thing which is becoming more and more indispensable.

Tags: Becoming, Capital  ✍ Author: Charles Sumner

Companies, like people, don't much like to change.

Tags: Change  ✍ Author: Ethan Suplee

Marketing is for companies who have sucky products.

Tags: Marketing, Products  ✍ Author: Fred Wilson

Money don't rule me, record companies don't rule me.

Tags: Money, Rule  ✍ Author: Link Wray

Artists were nurtured back in the '70s. Their music was developed by the record companies.

Tags: Artists, Music  ✍ Author: Gary Wright
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