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Freedom is the emancipation from the arbitrary rule of other men.

Tags: Freedom, Men  ✍ Author: Mortimer Adler

Work while you work, play while you play - this is a basic rule of repressive self-discipline.

Tags: While, Work  ✍ Author: Theodor Adorno

There's no rule, no law, no regulation that says you can't come back. So I have every right to come back.

Tags: Law, Says  ✍ Author: Lance Armstrong

One man's style must not be the rule of another's.

Tags: Another, Style  ✍ Author: Jane Austen

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

Tags: Hatred, Love  ✍ Author: Albert Einstein

I always believe the rule by king or official leader is outdated. Now we must catch up with the modern world.

Tags: King, Leader  ✍ Author: Dalai Lama

I have made it a rule never to smoke more that one cigar at a time.

Tags: Smoke, Time  ✍ Author: Mark Twain

I make it a rule never to smoke while I'm sleeping.

Tags: Sleeping, While  ✍ Author: Mark Twain

We might come closer to balancing the Budget if all of us lived closer to the Commandments and the Golden Rule.

Tags: Lived, Might  ✍ Author: Ronald Reagan

I couldn't date someone who didn't like dogs. There are exceptions to the rule, but I find that if someone doesn't like animals, I am a little suspicious of them.

Tags: Dogs, Someone  ✍ Author: Penn Badgley

The basic rule of storytelling is 'show, don't tell.'

Tags: Show, Tell  ✍ Author: Walter Bagehot

As a rule, men worry more about what they can't see than about what they can.

Tags: Men, Worry  ✍ Author: Irving Caesar

I just live and let live and live my life pretty much according to the Golden Rule. And it turns out well for me.

Tags: Life, Pretty  ✍ Author: Dean Cain

We need responsible regulations, not regulations that have gone wild. For example, the EPA has a rule that is going to be implemented Jan. 1, 2012, where they're going to begin to regulate dust. That's right, dust. It's called PM 2.5. That is focusing on the wrong thing.

Tags: Gone, Wrong  ✍ Author: Herman Cain

And they that rule in England, in stately conclaves met, alas, alas for England they have no graves as yet.

Tags: England, Graves  ✍ Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton

In a republic this rule ought to be observed: that the majority should not have the predominant power.

Tags: Majority, Power  ✍ Author: Winston Churchill

I don't like alcohol, but I still like to mess around with other stuff occasionally. I think it's important I take mushrooms and acid. They're certainly not addictive, so I can't rule that out.

Tags: Alcohol, Stuff  ✍ Author: Evan Dando

The perverse presumption that places the burden of proof on the challenger of spending must be inverted, back to the rule that applies elsewhere in life: 'Prove to me why we should.'

Tags: Life, Why  ✍ Author: Mitch Daniels

The first rule of business is: Do other men for they would do you.

Tags: Business, Men  ✍ Author: Charles Dickens

Exceptions are not always the proof of the old rule; they can also be the harbinger of a new one.

Tags: Old, Proof  ✍ Author: Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

To rule one's anger is well; to prevent it is better.

Tags: Anger, Prevent  ✍ Author: Kim Edwards

The first rule of intelligent tinkering is to save all the parts.

Tags: Parts, Save  ✍ Author: Paul R. Ehrlich

I don't enjoy British shows as a rule because British audiences are strange.

Tags: Enjoy, Strange  ✍ Author: Andrew Eldritch

Women rule our lives, don't they?

Tags: Lives, Women  ✍ Author: Juan Manuel Fangio

The question I should have asked is not what is the rule, but what is the principle.

Tags: Asked, Question  ✍ Author: Andrew Fastow
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The world, as a rule, does not live on beaches and in country clubs.

Tags: Clubs, Country  ✍ Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

As a rule we disbelieve all the facts and theories for which we have no use.

Tags: Disbelieve, Facts  ✍ Author: Gustave Flaubert

To rule is not so much a question of the heavy hand as the firm seat.

Tags: Hand, Question  ✍ Author: Jose Ortega y Gasset

Divide and rule, the politician cries; unite and lead, is watchword of the wise.

Tags: Lead, Wise  ✍ Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It is not good to have a rule of many.

Tags: Good  ✍ Author: Lou Holtz

There is no rule that says a footballer needs to be 'this high' and 'this wide.'

Tags: High, Needs  ✍ Author: Andres Iniesta

I make it a rule always to believe compliments implicitly for five minutes, and to simmer gently for twenty more.

Tags: Five, Minutes  ✍ Author: Alice James

A particularly beautiful woman is a source of terror. As a rule, a beautiful woman is a terrible disappointment.

Tags: Beautiful, Woman  ✍ Author: Carl Jung

You can only govern men by serving them. The rule is without exception.

Tags: Men, Serving  ✍ Author: Victor Kiam

The tyrant dies and his rule is over, the martyr dies and his rule begins.

Tags: Begins, Martyr  ✍ Author: Soren Kierkegaard

Rule A: Don't. Rule A1: Rule A doesn't exist. Rule A2: Do not discuss the existence or non-existence of Rules A, A1 or A2.

Tags: Existence, Rules  ✍ Author: R. D. Laing

For me, the dumbest rule is that you can't chew gum in school.

Tags: Gum, School  ✍ Author: Brie Larson

I attribute the little I know to my not having been ashamed to ask for information, and to my rule of conversing with all descriptions of men on those topics that form their own peculiar professions and pursuits.

Tags: Ask, Men  ✍ Author: John Locke

My Golden Rule of Networking is simple: Don't keep score.

Tags: Keep, Simple  ✍ Author: Connie Mack

Where women are concerned, the rule is never to go out with anyone better dressed than you.

Tags: Anyone, Women  ✍ Author: John Malkovich

By ancestry, I was born to rule.

Tags: Ancestry, Born  ✍ Author: Nelson Mandela

The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.

Tags: Almost, Humanity  ✍ Author: H. L. Mencken

Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.

Tags: Insanity, Nations  ✍ Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.

Tags: Insanity, Nations  ✍ Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

Madness is rare in individuals - but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule.

Tags: Madness, Nations  ✍ Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within.

Tags: Lives, Within  ✍ Author: Earl Nightingale

Where no gods are, spectres rule.

Tags: Gods  ✍ Author: Novalis

If we accept the rule of those who think they are the bosses and lords of Mexico, nothing will change for the people on the bottom.

Tags: Accept, Change  ✍ Author: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

Temptations come, as a general rule, when they are sought.

Tags: General, Sought  ✍ Author: Margaret Oliphant

A pure mathematical series would be one in which each term is derived from the preceding term by a rule.

Tags: Pure, Series  ✍ Author: George Oppen

Rule of art: Cant kills creativity!

Tags: Art, Creativity  ✍ Author: Camille Paglia

I've always followed the rule that anything worth doing is worth doing excessively.

Tags: Followed, Worth  ✍ Author: Robert M. Parker, Jr.

One must know oneself. If this does not serve to discover truth, it at least serves as a rule of life and there is nothing better.

Tags: Life, Truth  ✍ Author: Blaise Pascal

It is no secret to anyone that we are going to rule in the most delicate circumstances Spain has faced in 30 years.

Tags: Anyone, Secret  ✍ Author: Mariano Rajoy

There's no rule that you have to like Henry Rollins the musician or the actor.

Tags: Actor, Musician  ✍ Author: Henry Rollins

Wars are, of course, as a rule to be avoided; but they are far better than certain kinds of peace.

Tags: Far, Peace  ✍ Author: Theodore Roosevelt

It is unnatural for a majority to rule, for a majority can seldom be organized and united for specific action, and a minority can.

Tags: Action, United  ✍ Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

When I did that interview with Hepburn, the only ground rule was, you did not discuss Spencer Tracy. Spencer Tracy's widow is still alive, and she respected that.

Tags: Alive, She  ✍ Author: Morley Safer

We employ the mind to rule, the body to serve.

Tags: Body, Mind  ✍ Author: Aulis Sallinen

A man's face as a rule says more, and more interesting things, than his mouth, for it is a compendium of everything his mouth will ever say, in that it is the monogram of all this man's thoughts and aspirations.

Tags: Face, Thoughts  ✍ Author: Arthur Schopenhauer

He who dreads hostility too much is unfit to rule.

Tags: Dreads, Hostility  ✍ Author: Albert Schweitzer

The golden rule is that there are no golden rules.

Tags: Golden, Rules  ✍ Author: George Bernard Shaw

We can say farewell to 10 years of bourgeois rule... now we have the opportunity to change Denmark.

Tags: Change, Farewell  ✍ Author: Helle Thorning-Schmidt

I take it to be a principle rule of life, not to be too much addicted to any one thing.

Tags: Life, Principle  ✍ Author: Tila Tequila

Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.

Tags: Fool, Mind  ✍ Author: Henry David Thoreau

There is no rule more invariable than that we are paid for our suspicions by finding what we suspect.

Tags: Finding, Paid  ✍ Author: Henry David Thoreau

The modern rule is that every woman should be her own chaperone.

Tags: Her, Woman  ✍ Author: Amy Vanderbilt

You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.

Tags: Change, Welcome  ✍ Author: Terry Waite

As a rule, there is no surer way to the dislike of men than to behave well where they have behaved badly.

Tags: Dislike, Men  ✍ Author: Lew Wallace

There's a cardinal rule that you don't talk about sharks. If you don't see it, it's not there.

Tags: Sharks, Talk  ✍ Author: Mark Warkentin

I do not rule out the possibility of being prime minister of India one day, but there is still time.

Tags: India, Time  ✍ Author: Lalu Prasad Yadav

I believe in the Golden Rule. I believe in practicing it.

Tags: Golden, Practicing  ✍ Author: Loretta Young

Nature gives us all, including Prof. Lorentz, surprises. It was very quickly found that there are many exceptions to the rule of splitting of the lines only into triplets.

Tags: Found, Nature  ✍ Author: Pieter Zeeman

If Bangladesh succumbs to the rule of one family, it would be a major step backward for the region.

Tags: Family, Step  ✍ Author: Khaleda Zia

A judge can't have any preferred outcome in any particular case. The judge's only obligation - and it's a solemn obligation - is to the rule of law.

Tags: Judge, Law  ✍ Author: Samuel Alito

The mercury rule writers also ignored mercury's special qualities.

Tags: Special, Writers  ✍ Author: Tom Allen

China is very entrepreneurial but has no rule of law. Europe has rule of law but isn't entrepreneurial. Combine rule of law, entrepreneurialism and a generally pro-business policy, and you have Apple.

Tags: Europe, Law  ✍ Author: Marc Andreessen

There is no rule without revolts and conspiracies, even as there is no property without work and worry.

Tags: Work, Worry  ✍ Author: Leonid Andreyev

I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself.

Tags: Indeed, King  ✍ Author: Pietro Aretino

The first person to promulgate the Golden Rule, which was the bedrock of this empathic spirituality, was Confucius 500 years before Christ.

Tags: Christ, Golden  ✍ Author: Karen Armstrong

The new rule says that the FBI has the right to go to public places on the same terms and conditions as other members of the public for counter-terrorism purposes.

Tags: Public, Says  ✍ Author: John Ashcroft

The Golden Rule will always be good advice!

Tags: Advice, Good  ✍ Author: Jay Asher

It is an axiom, enforced by all the experience of the ages, that they who rule industrially will rule politically.

Tags: Ages, Experience  ✍ Author: Aneurin Bevan

My rule of thumb is that if I am interested or intrigued by something, others will be as well.

Tags: Interested, Others  ✍ Author: Wolf Blitzer

When we uphold the rule of law, our counterterrorism tools are more likely to withstand the scrutiny of our courts, our allies, and the American people.

Tags: American, Law  ✍ Author: John O. Brennan

The number one rule of thieves is that nothing is too small to steal.

Tags: Number, Small  ✍ Author: Jimmy Breslin

My first rule of consumerism is never to buy anything you can't make your children carry.

Tags: Carry, Children  ✍ Author: Bill Bryson

It is not a sign of arrogance for the king to rule. That is what he is there for.

Tags: Arrogance, King  ✍ Author: William F. Buckley, Jr.

No rule is so general, which admits not some exception.

Tags: Exception, General  ✍ Author: Robert Burton

The rule in carving holds good as to criticism; never cut with a knife what you can cut with a spoon.

Tags: Criticism, Good  ✍ Author: Charles Buxton

Beneath the rule of men entirely great, the pen is mightier than the sword.

Tags: Great, Men  ✍ Author: Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

For there is a price ticket on everything that puts a whizz into life, and adventure follows the rule. It's distressing, but there you are.

Tags: Adventure, Life  ✍ Author: Leslie Charteris

You know, my mother had a rule which was 'people are just people.'

Tags: Mother  ✍ Author: Lynne Cheney

A golden rule: to leave an incomplete image of oneself.

Tags: Image, Leave  ✍ Author: Emile M. Cioran

If, at the limit, you can rule without crime, you cannot do so without injustices.

Tags: Cannot, Crime  ✍ Author: Emile M. Cioran

My rule is never to look at anything on the Internet.

Tags: Internet  ✍ Author: Cyril Clarke

Why are comedic parts for women the exception, not the rule?

Tags: Why, Women  ✍ Author: Patricia Clarkson

The rule which should guide us in such cases is simple and obvious enough: that the aggregate testimony of our neighbours is subject to the same conditions as the testimony of any one of them.

Tags: Enough, Simple  ✍ Author: William Kingdon Clifford

In nearly every religion I am aware of, there is a variation of the golden rule. And even for the non-religious, it is a tenet of people who believe in humanistic principles.

Tags: Principles, Religion  ✍ Author: Hillary Clinton

It's almost like a genre rule: Don't Open The Box.

Tags: Almost, Open  ✍ Author: Joel Coen

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