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Courtney Love Quotes

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Courtney Love is really cool and funny. I would like to meet Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. I think I could play their daughters.

Tags: Cool, Funny, Love  ✍ Author: Dakota Fanning

As far as female vocalists, I love Heart, Joan Jett, Courtney Love, Laura Branigan, Linda Ronstadt, Barbra Streisand - or going back to when I was a child, Aileen Quinn, the original Annie.

Tags: Child, Heart, Love  ✍ Author: Rio Ferdinand

I don't think, 'Gee, I'd like to dress this person.' There was a picture in Us magazine. It was a jersey dress, and Courtney Love was wearing it. I have this thing about Courtney Love, this funny worship.

Tags: Funny, Love, Picture  ✍ Author: Marc Jacobs

I'm a different person. I don't want to be titled as Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain's daughter. I want to be thought of as Frances Cobain.

Tags: Daughter, Love, Thought  ✍ Author: Frances Bean Cobain

Courtney Love is a loose cannon. She says what she thinks. She's wild on the red carpet. You get the best sound bites from Courtney Love.

Tags: Best, Love, She  ✍ Author: Steven Cojocaru

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Courtney Love quote #2
Courtney Love quote #2
Courtney Love quote #2
Courtney Love quote #2

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