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Crazy Life Quotes

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They have had such a crazy life living with me as their dad. Not crazy but different from their friends.

Tags: Crazy, Dad, Life  ✍ Author: Sebastian Bach

The thing about being an actor is that as we get older, there are more and more characters to explore and, in general, they get more complicated, so you get to bring all your crazy life experience to the table.

Tags: Crazy, Experience, Life  ✍ Author: Victoria Clark

People say that having three orchestras is a crazy life, but it's better because you have three families. I want to have my own kids very soon. In future, I still want to conduct a lot, but less, to be with my family.

Tags: Family, Future, Life  ✍ Author: Gustavo Dudamel

I think my body went through a lot, went through the wringer. In terms of being inside the ring, getting hit, but also outside the ring, living a crazy life.

Tags: Crazy, Life, Living  ✍ Author: Oscar De La Hoya

I was a very focused kid. I always had this crazy lifestyle... billions of jobs, two hours of gymnastics every day, handball, anything with a ball, really. I must have had ADHD or something. I was very energetic, and very small. I didn't start growing until the last year of high school.

Tags: Crazy, School, Small  ✍ Author: Mads Mikkelsen

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Crazy Life quote #2
Crazy Life quote #2
Crazy Life quote #2
Crazy Life quote #2

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