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Davy Jones's Quotes

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Born: 1945-12-30
Profession: Musician
Nation: English
Biography of Davy Jones

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The Monkees changed my life but ruined my acting career.

Tags: Acting, Career, Life

The Monkees were never cancelled for a start. NBC wanted to do a third year.

Tags: Start, Wanted, Year

The only people who didn't like The Monkees were the French, and they don't even like themselves, so what's the point?

Tags: French, Point, Themselves

The thing is, the reader doesn't want to hear about bad times.

Tags: Bad, Hear, Times

There's an audience for everything.

Tags: Audience

They want to know I'm doing good, the fans do.

Tags: Fans, Good

We'll get material in there and all of a sudden I'll switch the material around or the order of the show.

Tags: Material, Order, Show

Wherever I go, people still shout out: 'Hey, hey, we're The Monkees.' And I never tire of that.

Tags: Hey, Shout, Wherever

You can put me in the basement or the penthouse; it doesn't matter to me.

Tags: Basement, Matter, Put

You know I used to be a heartthrob, and now I'm a coronary.

Tags: Heartthrob, Used

And actually, about three weeks ago, Micky, Peter and I were in Vegas at the MGM Grand. And we did about 12 shows in seven days. It was quite an experience.

Tags: Days, Experience, Three

Around the property I have here, I'm about to put an all weather race track. I'm about to build stables. I'm about to ship over a couple of my thoroughbreds from England.

Tags: Here, Put, Weather

Before I was an actor I was an apprentice jockey, and now I'm out there racing against boys, sort of the spokesperson for people over 50 that they can do it.

Tags: Actor, Against, Racing

Groupies to me, were people who followed you around. Familiar faces who were always there, asking for autographs. We have more of those now, but they're not sexual.

Tags: Asking, Familiar, Sexual

I know a lot of people in the retirement village that I have a house in in Florida that are on the Internet and are reading the paper on the Internet, and they're communicating on the Internet.

Tags: House, Internet, Reading

I read a whole bunch of bits and pieces over the years, obviously from the fan magazines and the rest of the stuff, and I just wanted to give a little more insight into what's happening in my personal life.

Tags: Give, Life, Wanted

I'm well in touch with my family, my children. I keep them on my answer phone, so if I want to hear one of their voices, all I have to do is punch it up and it will be there.

Tags: Children, Family, Keep

It's a crying shame we don't play more parks and fairs. I would love to go right to the Chamber of Commerce or whoever they are, so that we could get involved in a different way.

Tags: Crying, Involved, Love

People ask me if I ever get sick of playing 'Daydream Believer' or whatever. But I don't look at it that way. Do they ask if Tony Bennett is tired of 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco?'

Tags: Heart, Sick, Tired

We wanted to interview people on the show, do variety, get the artists, the guests involved with us in our group. They wanted to keep the four guys together. We wanted to change the format.

Tags: Change, Keep, Together
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The Monkees are like the mafia. You're in for life. Nobody gets out.

Tags: Life, Mafia, Nobody

I'm a married man. If I want sex at this particular point in my life, I go home for it.

Tags: Home, Life, Sex

The racing bug is never going to go away. It's like the Mafia.

Tags: Away, Mafia, Racing

Justin Bieber stole my haircut. And Axl Rose stole my dance!

Tags: Dance, Haircut, Rose

America changed my life, but I still think of home and working in Scotland was an important part of that.

Tags: America, Home, Life

As far as groupies, I never saw any of them.

Tags: Far, Groupies

During the summer, Screen Gems launched the New Monkees, which miserably failed I understand. I never saw it.

Tags: Failed, Summer, Understand

I don't need any more awards.

Tags: Awards

I got hate letters from girls all over America because I wouldn't go to the prom with them.

Tags: America, Hate, Prom

I own property in a quiet little town of Pennsylvania.

Tags: Property, Quiet, Town

I wanted to be a jockey.

Tags: Jockey, Wanted

I was mad at Screen Gems, but I'm not mad at them anymore.

Tags: Anymore, Gems, Mad

I would say that fifty percent of my show is killer comedy.

Tags: Comedy, Percent, Show

I'm about to challenge for the Maryland Cup in the next couple of years, as an owner, a trainer, and a rider.

Tags: Challenge, Couple, Next

I'm really a clean-cut kid.

Tags: Kid

I'm so reluctant to do newspaper interviews because it's so misleading how they interpret what you say.

Tags: Interviews, Misleading, Newspaper

I've got a farm in England where I breed horses.

Tags: England, Farm, Horses

In the office, the mail that came in was always 10 to 1 for me.

Tags: Mail, Office

It used to be 65 when you went into retirement. Before that, when you got into your 50s, you were getting older.

Tags: Getting, Older, Used

My family is a part of my life and everything is all a mixture of enjoyment.

Tags: Enjoyment, Family, Life

My first ever stage performance was in Edinburgh in 1960.

Tags: Edinburgh, Stage

Once you get into something so big, people think of you in one way.

Tags: Big, Once

Over the last couple of years I have gotten an average of 2,000 letters a week from fans.

Tags: Fans, Last, Week

People always expect you to be jumping out of a Rolls Royce and being in the papers for drunk and disorderly or sleeping around.

Tags: Drunk, Expect, Sleeping

The Beatles set the rules. And the rules were: now just because we have long hair doesn't mean that we're rebellious.

Tags: Hair, Mean, Rules
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