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Demons Quotes

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Everything is possible, from angels to demons to economists and politicians.

Tags: Angels, Possible  ✍ Author: Paulo Coelho

It's important to face down your demons.

Tags: Face  ✍ Author: Stephan Jenkins

I knuckle down with my demons, and with my weaknesses.

Tags: Knuckle, Weaknesses  ✍ Author: Carlos Santana

Man's enemies are not demons, but human beings like himself.

Tags: Himself, Human  ✍ Author: Mike Tyson

As an actor, you want to keep your demons to some extent, but you also have to exorcise them so you can use them instead of them using you.

Tags: Actor, Keep  ✍ Author: Skeet Ulrich

My demons, inner strengths and physical battles have guided me through life.

Tags: Life, Physical  ✍ Author: GG Allin

My demons and I are not compatible. We never have been and never will be.

Tags: Compatible  ✍ Author: GG Allin

I try not to put my purse on the floor - demons will get into it.

Tags: Put, Try  ✍ Author: Alexis Arguello

Inner demons? Got none of them.

Tags: Inner, None  ✍ Author: Jamie Bell

I too have my own demons, and I have struggled. I've made my own mistakes, and I'm not proud of them.

Tags: Mistakes, Proud  ✍ Author: Michael Bergin

I believe in possibility, but I'm not sure I believe in demons.

Tags: Sure  ✍ Author: Jennifer Carpenter

We're much more controlled now. We were kids back then, we each had our own demons. It was insanity.

Tags: Insanity, Kids  ✍ Author: Peter Criss

I don't know that all the demons have been beaten, but I'm very, very proud of those songs.

Tags: Proud, Songs  ✍ Author: John Fogerty

You struggle with your demons and you conquer them.

Tags: Conquer, Struggle  ✍ Author: Kinky Friedman

You don't need to exorcise your personal demons onstage.

Tags: Personal  ✍ Author: Jimmy Kimmel

Creativity is what helps me escape a lot of my inner demons.

Tags: Creativity, Escape  ✍ Author: Demi Lovato

From the world of darkness I did loose demons and devils in the power of scorpions to torment.

Tags: Darkness, Power  ✍ Author: Charles Manson

You do have demons throughout the week; every coach does.

Tags: Coach, Week  ✍ Author: Brian McDermott

During rehearsals I am confronted by things very mysterious. I have terrific fights with inner demons, and it's more painful than it ever was.

Tags: Mysterious, Painful  ✍ Author: Jeanne Moreau

Sometimes you have to confront your demons and sometimes even let them loose to genuinely find a place where you can gain some understanding.

Tags: Place, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Peter Mullan

In any dispute, each side thinks it's in the right and the other side is demons.

Tags: Side, Thinks  ✍ Author: Steven Pinker

You're always searching for the thing to heal you, and I thought therapy would give me that. But it didn't - it just helps you recognize your demons.

Tags: Give, Thought  ✍ Author: Rick Springfield

I'm not this dark, twisted person. Yes, I have my demons and this is my way of exorcising them. It gets them out - and better out than in.

Tags: Dark, Yes  ✍ Author: Naomi Watts

Schizophrenia demons live in my head.

Tags: Head  ✍ Author: Wesley Willis
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