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Douglas Hyde's Quotes

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Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Politician
Nation: Irish
Biography of Douglas Hyde

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Every crag and gnarled tree and lonely valley has its own strange and graceful legend attached to it.

Tags: Lonely, Strange, Tree

As our language wanes and dies, the golden legends of the far-off centuries fade and pass away. No one sees their influence upon culture; no one sees their educational power.

Tags: Away, Language, Power

I do not share the wish to see my language dead and decently buried.

Tags: Dead, Language, Wish

It is a most disgraceful shame the way in which Irishmen are brought up. They are ashamed of their language, institutions, and of everything Irish.

Tags: Irish, Language, Shame

I - and there are hundreds of thousands of Irishmen who felt on this subject as I do - have always liked my Celtic countrymen and disliked the English nation; it is a national trait of character, and I cannot help it.

Tags: Cannot, Character, Help
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Douglas Hyde's quote #2
Douglas Hyde's quote #2
Douglas Hyde's quote #2
Douglas Hyde's quote #2
Douglas Hyde's quote #2
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