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Duke Snider's Quotes

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Born: 1926-09-19
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Duke Snider

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My high salary for one season was forty-six thousand dollars and a Cadillac.

Tags: High, Season, Thousand

Swing hard, in case they throw the ball where you're swinging.

Tags: Ball, Hard, Throw

What a player does best, he should practice least. Practice is for problems.

Tags: Best, Practice, Problems

In the split second from the time the ball leaves the pitcher's hand until it reaches the plate you have to think about your stride, your hip action, your wrist action, determine how much, if any the ball is going to break and then decide whether to swing at it.

Tags: Action, Time, Until

Man, if I made one million dollars I would come in at six in the morning, sweep the stands, wash the uniforms, clean out the office, manage the team and play the games.

Tags: Morning, Office, Team

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Duke Snider's quote #2
Duke Snider's quote #2
Duke Snider's quote #2
Duke Snider's quote #2
Duke Snider's quote #2
Duke Snider's quote #2