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Always educate yourself.

Tags: Yourself  ✍ Author: Donovan Bailey

You can educate people on how to preempt their own conflict.

Tags: Conflict  ✍ Author: Wangari Maathai

I don't believe civilization can do a lot more than educate a person's senses.

Tags: Senses  ✍ Author: Grace Paley

I genuinely believe we have an opportunity to revolutionize how we educate our children.

Tags: Children, Genuinely  ✍ Author: LeVar Burton

There is no single way to educate.

Tags: Single  ✍ Author: George Gurdjieff

It means to educate myself incessantly about the world around me.

Tags: Means  ✍ Author: June Jordan

I had to study acting to basically educate myself.

Tags: Acting, Study  ✍ Author: Boris Kodjoe

The legislature are a little more difficult to educate than the governor is.

Tags: Difficult, Governor  ✍ Author: Judy Martz

Our purpose is to educate as well as to entertain.

Tags: Entertain, Purpose  ✍ Author: Curtis Mayfield

You're confronted with the quandary: do I grind things to a halt? Ideally you would, but I have better things to do than educate people.

Tags: Confronted, Grind  ✍ Author: Wentworth Miller

Educate yourself as much as you can with life. Just go out there.

Tags: Life, Yourself  ✍ Author: Jim Morris

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