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Americans want to be exposed to the opportunities that a changing world can offer.

Tags: Changing, Offer  ✍ Author: John B. Larson

The fortified towns of the Hurons were all on the side exposed to Iroquois incursions.

Tags: Side, Towns  ✍ Author: Francis Parkman

I got exposed to so many different cultures and people.

Tags: Cultures  ✍ Author: Sofia Coppola

The people I've been exposed to have been people of amazing integrity.

Tags: Amazing, Integrity  ✍ Author: Amy Grant

What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.

Tags: Nature, Observe  ✍ Author: Werner Heisenberg

I was a Sedgewick without the smarts. It infused its way into me and I feel like it formed my character in a big way because of what I was exposed to.

Tags: Big, Character  ✍ Author: Rob Morrow

I have proven to the world that I am articulate, I am very intelligent, I'm well exposed.

Tags: Articulate, Proven  ✍ Author: Lil Wayne

I was exposed to jazz early on.

Tags: Early, Jazz  ✍ Author: Kelli White

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