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Far And Wide Quotes

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I have been aware all the time that my peoples, spread far and wide throughout every continent and ocean in the world, were united to support me in the task to which I have now been dedicated with such solemnity.

Tags: Far, Support, Time  ✍ Author: Queen Elizabeth II

Dressed in the lion's skin, the ass spread terror far and wide.

Tags: Far, Lion, Skin  ✍ Author: Jean de La Fontaine

Gluttony might be innocuous were it not for the fact that gluttons tend to disregard whether their self-serving behaviors harm anyone else. We don't need to look far and wide to find examples of gluttonous behavior, as they are numerous throughout the history of capitalism.

Tags: Else, Fact, History  ✍ Author: Daniel Mainwaring

It's not necessary to go far and wide. I mean, you can really find exciting and inspiring things within your hometown.

Tags: Far, Mean, Within  ✍ Author: Daryl Hannah

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Far And Wide quote #2
Far And Wide quote #2
Far And Wide quote #2
Far And Wide quote #2

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