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Lion Quotes

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I was the shyest human ever invented, but I had a lion inside me that wouldn't shut up!

Tags: Human, Inside  ✍ Author: Ingrid Bergman

I know, it's weird that I've never done a musical. I turned down two of them. 'The Lion King' and 'The Producers.' I turned two of the biggest Broadway musicals down, am I a mess?

Tags: Done, Weird  ✍ Author: Mario Cantone

Well, you know, I played Mufasa in the workshop of The Lion King.

Tags: King, Played  ✍ Author: Keith David

Dressed in the lion's skin, the ass spread terror far and wide.

Tags: Far, Skin  ✍ Author: Jean de La Fontaine

At twenty a man is a peacock, at thirty a lion, at forty a camel, at fifty a serpent, at sixty a dog, at seventy an ape, at eighty a nothing at all.

Tags: Dog, Thirty  ✍ Author: Baltasar Gracian

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

Tags: Afraid, Army  ✍ Author: Ulysses S. Grant

Cat: a pygmy lion who loves mice, hates dogs, and patronizes human beings.

Tags: Human, Pet  ✍ Author: Katharine Hepburn

After The Wizard Of Oz I was typecast as a lion, and there aren't all that many parts for lions.

Tags: After, Lions  ✍ Author: Bert Lahr

Vegetarians are cool. All I eat are vegetarians - except for the occasional mountain lion steak.

Tags: Cool, Food  ✍ Author: Ted Nugent

I never thought much of the courage of a lion tamer. Inside the cage he is at least safe from people.

Tags: Courage, Thought  ✍ Author: George Bernard Shaw

I am impelled, not to squeak like a grateful and apologetic mouse, but to roar like a lion out of pride in my profession.

Tags: Grateful, Pride  ✍ Author: John Steinbeck

I am more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion than an army of 100 lions led by a sheep.

Tags: Afraid, Army  ✍ Author: Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

There are no lazy veteran lion hunters.

Tags: Lazy, Veteran  ✍ Author: Norman Ralph Augustine

Every dog is a lion at home.

Tags: Dog, Home  ✍ Author: Henry George Bohn

Yep, I'll stay a Brisbane Lion, you've heard it first.

Tags: Heard, Stay  ✍ Author: John Mason Brown

An Englishman, being flattered, is a lamb; threatened, a lion.

Tags: Flattered, Threatened  ✍ Author: Duane Chapman

Some people lose all respect for the lion unless he devours them instantly. There is no pleasing some people.

Tags: Lose, Respect  ✍ Author: Will Cuppy

It is better to have a lion at the head of an army of sheep, than a sheep at the head of an army of lions.

Tags: Head, Leadership  ✍ Author: Mos Def

Roused by the lash of his own stubborn tail our lion now will foreign foes assail.

Tags: Foreign, Stubborn  ✍ Author: John Dryden

I have this huge lion tattoo embossed on my arm. I was a little worried as to how we would cover it up. But my makeup man covered the tattoo with makeup. It took close to two hours.

Tags: Makeup, Took  ✍ Author: Sanjay Dutt

A lion is called a 'king of beasts' obviously for a reason.

Tags: King, Reason  ✍ Author: Jack Hanna

There has to be some limit to what lawyers can take from their clients. Otherwise, cagey attorneys end up with the lion's share of the settlement and the victims end up with little more than scraps.

Tags: End, Share  ✍ Author: Dennis Hastert

One lion thinks it's just hilarious to tackle us. He's very funny about it... and we always know when it will happen.

Tags: Funny, Happen  ✍ Author: Tippi Hedren

We had a lion that was living in somebody's basement outside of Branson, Missouri.

Tags: Living, Somebody  ✍ Author: Tippi Hedren

You don't see sick animals in the wild. You don't see lame animals in the wild, and its all because of the predator: the lion, the tiger, the leopard, all the cats.

Tags: Cats, Sick  ✍ Author: Tippi Hedren
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It's better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.

Tags: Life, Wisdom  ✍ Author: Elizabeth Kenny

A lion runs the fastest when he is hungry.

Tags: Fastest, Hungry  ✍ Author: Salman Khan

People go to the zoo and they like the lion because it's scary. And the bear because it's intense, but the monkey makes people laugh.

Tags: Laugh, Makes  ✍ Author: Lorne Michaels

I never use a score when conducting my orchestra. Does a lion tamer enter a cage with a book on how to tame a lion?

Tags: Book, Orchestra  ✍ Author: Dimitri Mitropoulos

You may as well say, 'That's a valiant flea that dare eat his breakfast on the lip of a lion.

Tags: Eat, May  ✍ Author: William Tecumseh Sherman

My first recording, a guy came down to Philadelphia and heard me play and he introduced me to Alfred Lion.

Tags: Guy, Heard  ✍ Author: Jimmy Smith

The lion is, however, rarely heard - much more seldom seen.

Tags: Heard, Seen  ✍ Author: John Hanning Speke

You know, I am a Leo. Lion is a giant part of me.

Tags: Giant, Leo  ✍ Author: Patrick Swayze

If you could cross a lion and a monkey, that's what I'd be, because monkeys are funny and lions are strong.

Tags: Funny, Strong  ✍ Author: Marlon Wayans

A lioness has got a lot more power than the lion likes to think she has.

Tags: Power, She  ✍ Author: Jacki Weaver

An optimist is someone who gets treed by a lion but enjoys the scenery.

Tags: Optimist, Someone  ✍ Author: Walter Winchell

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