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Forthcoming Quotes

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We all have ambitions, but only the few achieve. A man thinks of a good thing and says: 'Now if I only had the money I'd put that through.' The word 'if' was a dent in his courage. With character fully established, his plan well thought out, he had only to go to those in command of capital and it would have been forthcoming.

Tags: Courage, Good, Money  ✍ Author: Douglas Fairbanks

Our political leaders must be honest and forthcoming with data that will allow citizens to use facts and figures to judge for themselves what state Social Security is in.

Tags: Honest, Judge, Political  ✍ Author: Grace Napolitano

Not only may she unconsciously register a favorable impression with my associates and me, but she may also suggest something by her work that will lead to some new and novel feature in a forthcoming production.

Tags: Her, May, Work  ✍ Author: Florenz Ziegfeld

Knowing that the 'Sex and the City' chicks now rack up almost two centuries between them, why do some of us fuss and hiss about a bit of retouching on their forthcoming film poster?

Tags: Between, Sex, Why  ✍ Author: Julie Burchill

The Europeans had made two promises to the United States if Marshall Plan help was forthcoming. The first promise was maximum self-help on the part of every country; and second, maximum mutual aid.

Tags: Country, Help, Plan  ✍ Author: Dustin Hoffman

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Forthcoming quote #2
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Forthcoming quote #2
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