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Fur Quotes

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The cat is a dilettante in fur.

Tags: Cat, Pet  ✍ Author: Theophile Gautier

Personally, I don't wear fur.

Tags: Personally, Wear  ✍ Author: Karl Lagerfeld

I'd rather go naked than wear fur.

Tags: Rather, Wear  ✍ Author: Holly Madison

Fur is my default, my indulgence. All human beings and myself have a lot of defaults. Many indulgences.

Tags: Default, Human  ✍ Author: Bernard Malamud

I've got four roommates and they all have fur and tails.

Tags: Four, Roommates  ✍ Author: Kate Walsh

I was weaned on chicken-fried steak and hominy grits with goopy gravy all over. I loved meat and wore fur.

Tags: Loved, Meat  ✍ Author: Doug E. Fresh

There's no excuse for fur in this day and age.

Tags: Age, Excuse  ✍ Author: Stella McCartney

I just don't think animals should be slaughtered for their fur.

 ✍ Author: Dominique Swain

I would never wear fur.

Tags: Wear  ✍ Author: Kristen Wiig

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