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Gavin Rossdale's Quotes

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Born: 1967-10-30
Profession: Musician
Nation: British
Biography of Gavin Rossdale

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Only the guys who never made it and will never make it in the U.S. need to put up the front that they don't care about America.

Tags: America, Care, Put

Playing live, you can't survive, certainly not in England. We used to work daytime jobs and play gigs at night. It was very exhausting.

Tags: Night, Used, Work

The Beatles, the Small Faces and the Kinks were great bands, but that was in the '60s.

Tags: Bands, Great, Small

The more I talk about things, the more I understand myself.

Tags: Talk, Understand

We recorded our first CD, Sixteen Stone, with a small budget and never dreamed that we would enjoy such a high success. It was simply fantastic.

Tags: Enjoy, Small, Success

When I first began to write, I was writing on bass, because I was thinking more Public Image, more dub.

Tags: Thinking, Write, Writing

Wherever you look there are inspirations, books, literature, paintings, landscapes, everything. Just living is an inspiration.

Tags: Books, Literature, Living

Bob Dylan has a way with words that simply blows me away. When he forgets his lyrics he just makes up new ones on the spot, that is what I called talented!

Tags: Away, Makes, Words

I have always been fascinated by dark and mysterious stuff. I guess I have a pretty dark and gloomy side. Writing songs saves me from going completely gonzo.

Tags: Dark, Pretty, Writing

I pretty much grew up when punk was big in the UK. The Sex Pistols were heroes for me. I used to run around like Johnny Rotten. I had a jacket like his.

Tags: Big, Pretty, Sex

A happy wife is a happy life.

Tags: Happy, Life, Wife

The only people who benefit from lawsuits are lawyers. I think we made a couple of them rich.

Tags: Couple, Legal, Rich

I love what I'm doing most of the time, but it's hard work. People only see your albums in the charts. They see us at award shows and after-show parties. They don't know about your doubts, the hard work that goes in.

Tags: Love, Time, Work

Being real is what is important.

Tags: Real

I think people are too hard on the Pistols. The Pistols started the whole punk thing and never saw much money.

Tags: Hard, Money, Whole

If you just keep your head down and just try and do your thing, sometimes magic happens.

Tags: Keep, Sometimes, Try

Any reaction is better than none.

Tags: None, Reaction

As an artist, you're pretty sheltered backstage. You often don't know what's going on out there.

Tags: Artist, Often, Pretty

As much as we all love playing live, it's not normal to be on the road all the time, to have no home.

Tags: Home, Love, Time

Dub and reggae... I play that a lot around the house.

Tags: Dub, House, Reggae

For some critics we might be uncool on account of our popularity.

Tags: Critics, Might, Popularity

For the sound we produce, everybody is equally important. Each of us has a very different personality and that is what keeps Bush alive.

Tags: Alive, Everybody, Sound

I always wrote about things that were important to me. I think our past success showed that it was also important for a lot of others.

Tags: Others, Past, Success
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I am really addicted to music.

Tags: Addicted, Music

I don't know any musician who got to the top without hard work. Take whoever you want. They all work bloody hard, harder than you think.

Tags: Hard, Top, Work

I don't see myself as the boss. I sing and write the songs, and it would feel strange if somebody else wrote the lyrics I sang.

Tags: Else, Strange, Write

I love playing live, I don't like studios all that much. I need the reaction of the audience.

Tags: Audience, Love, Playing

I love seeing the fans of the music that I make.

Tags: Fans, Love, Music

I quite like Low, the band from Minnesota. They're absolutely mesmerizing. I get much the same feeling from anything that Will Oldham does.

Tags: Band, Feeling, Quite

I think it's pretty normal that there are a lot of people out there who don't like us.

Tags: Normal, Pretty

I was pretty taken with Patti Smith, she was my heroine.

Tags: Pretty, She, Taken

I'm not a workaholic, but I was a bit manic, I have to confess.

Tags: Bit, Confess, Workaholic

In a band that works out well, everybody has a certain role to fulfill.

Tags: Band, Everybody, Works

It's pretty hard to make out what's going to be a commercial success and what's not.

Tags: Hard, Pretty, Success

Lyrics are really important for me.

Tags: Lyrics