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No oppression is so heavy or lasting as that which is inflicted by the perversion and exorbitance of legal authority.

Tags: Authority, Oppression  ✍ Author: Joseph Addison

If you desire information on some point of law, you are not likely to ponder over the ponderous tomes of legal writers in order to obtain the knowledge you seek, by your own unaided efforts.

Tags: Knowledge, Law  ✍ Author: Felix Adler

FOR a long time the conviction has been dimly felt in the community that, without prejudice to existing institutions, the legal day of weekly rest might be employed to advantage for purposes affecting the general good.

Tags: Good, Time  ✍ Author: Felix Adler

Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.

Tags: Forget, Germany  ✍ Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Republican majority will stop at nothing to prevent access to the legal system for those who are hurt.

Tags: Hurt, Stop  ✍ Author: Joe Baca

It is impossible to tell where the law stops and justice begins.

Tags: Justice, Law  ✍ Author: Arthur Baer

Fifty percent of our country that we own, have all legal jurisdiction, have all rights to do whatever we want, lies beneath the sea and we have better maps of Mars than that 50 percent.

Tags: Country, Whatever  ✍ Author: Robert Ballard

Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught.

Tags: Big, Pass  ✍ Author: Honore de Balzac

And Americans realized that native people are still here, that they have a moral standing, a legal standing.

Tags: Here, Moral  ✍ Author: Dennis Banks

Torture is such a slippery slope; as soon as you allow a society or any legal system to do that, almost instantly you get a situation where people are being tortured for very trivial reasons.

Tags: Situation, Society  ✍ Author: Iain Banks

Lawsuit: A machine which you go into as a pig and come out of as a sausage.

Tags: Machine, Pig  ✍ Author: Ambrose Bierce

In law, nothing is certain but the expense.

Tags: Expense, Law  ✍ Author: Samuel Butler

I do not believe abortion should be legal.

Tags: Abortion  ✍ Author: Herman Cain

We should not blur the lines between legal and illegal immigrants. Millions of people around the world have gone through the process to come here legally and they followed the rules that required them to pay a fee, learn English, and learn about American history and government.

Tags: Government, History  ✍ Author: Ken Calvert

The president, just as any other American, deserves a legal defense against personal lawsuits not related to his office. But the costs of that defense should be borne by him and not the taxpayer.

Tags: American, Him  ✍ Author: Ben Nighthorse Campbell

I propose that the government should get out of the business of marrying people and, instead, only give legal status to civil unions.

Tags: Business, Government  ✍ Author: Thomas Campion

I contend the state ought to do its thing and provide legal rights for all couples who want to be joined together for life. The church should bless unions that it sees fit to bless, and they should be called marriages.

Tags: Life, Together  ✍ Author: Thomas Campion

I don't know of many evangelicals who want to deny gay couples their legal rights. However, most of us don't want to call it marriage, because we think that word has religious connotations, and we're not ready to see it used in ways that offend us.

Tags: Gay, Marriage  ✍ Author: Thomas Campion

I think the issue is that Americans traveling abroad if gotten into legal problems should have access to a fair trial and an impartial tribunal.

Tags: Fair, Problems  ✍ Author: Maria Cantwell

The more laws, the less justice.

Tags: Justice, Less  ✍ Author: Winston Churchill

Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.

Tags: Necessary, Taxes  ✍ Author: Calvin Coolidge

Nicaragua is a World Bank and International Monetary Fund designated 'heavily indebted poor country,' with little legal ability to control its economic future: Everything is for sale. And once Nicaraguans decide to cash in and sell their houses or farms, they have to look far inland for anything affordable.

Tags: Control, Future  ✍ Author: Dinesh D\'Souza

The law has no compassion. And justice is administered without compassion.

Tags: Justice, Law  ✍ Author: Christopher Darden

The events of the day inspired me to become a lawyer.

Tags: Become, Inspired  ✍ Author: Christopher Darden

I'm more married to Sandy now than when we were married with the legal document. We're still married as parents.

Tags: Married, Parents  ✍ Author: Bobby Darin
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The trouble with law is lawyers.

Tags: Law, Trouble  ✍ Author: Clarence Darrow

I've always been driven by the concept of equal justice under the law, but only the rich can pay great sums of money for legal assistance and that puts them at an advantage over the poor.

Tags: Great, Money  ✍ Author: Samuel Dash

Unless you have a perception of who you are as a lawyer, you will never be at ease in dealing with legal matters, clients, or courts. But if you know who you are and why you're there, all you need is the expertise and the information.

Tags: Perception, Why  ✍ Author: Samuel Dash

My dream is to reform the legal system over the next 20 years.

Tags: Dream, Next  ✍ Author: Lawrence Eagleburger

There are half a billion people that listen to music online and the vast majority are doing so illegally. But if we bring those people over to the legal side and Spotify, what is going to happen is we are going to double the music industry and that will lead to more artists creating great new music.

Tags: Great, Music  ✍ Author: Chiwetel Ejiofor

There are millions of people who consume music illegally every month. Just getting them into a legal service will make the music industry way bigger than it's ever been before.

Tags: Music, Service  ✍ Author: Chiwetel Ejiofor

The Myth of Male Power dealt much more with the political issues, the legal issues, sexual harassment, date rape, women who kill, and those issues were very much more interfaced with the agendas of feminism.

Tags: Power, Women  ✍ Author: Warren Farrell

Vigorous enforcement of copyrights themselves is an important part of the picture. But I don't think that expanding the legal definition of copyright outside of actual copyright infringement is the right move.

Tags: Picture, Themselves  ✍ Author: Edward Felten

A successful lawsuit is the one worn by a policeman.

Tags: Policeman, Successful  ✍ Author: Robert Frost

So the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is out there preserving and fighting for, and sometimes winning and sometimes losing, the fight for First Amendment rights in comics and, more generally, for freedom of speech.

Tags: Fight, Freedom  ✍ Author: Neil Gaiman

Consular cards were not designed to be identification and no treaty recognizes them as such. Legal travelers, visitors and long-term residents carried passports, visas or green cards for that purpose.

Tags: Green, Purpose  ✍ Author: Elton Gallegly

Instead, California is one of only 10 states that provides in-state college and university tuition to illegal immigrants. That's grossly unfair to a legal high school student who moves out of California for a year, then returns to attend college.

Tags: College, School  ✍ Author: Elton Gallegly

The right to a trial is a core principle of the American legal system. Depriving Americans of these essential liberties undermines the Constitution while doing nothing to strengthen our national security.

Tags: American, While  ✍ Author: John Garamendi

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Tags: Denied, Justice  ✍ Author: William E. Gladstone

If the laws could speak for themselves, they would complain of the lawyers in the first place.

Tags: Place, Speak  ✍ Author: Lord Halifax

I write every day weekdays for about 5 hours, mostly longhand on legal pads. It has gotten neither harder nor easier, sadly or happily.

Tags: Nor, Write  ✍ Author: Daniel Handler

I write longhand on legal pads, about half at home and half in cafes. I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of raw carrots.

Tags: Home, Write  ✍ Author: Daniel Handler

When I started law school I was shocked to learn that our legal system traditionally had the man as the head and master of the family. As late as the '70s and '80s when we were fighting for the Equal Rights Amendment, states like Louisiana still had a head and master law.

Tags: Family, School  ✍ Author: Patricia Ireland

You can't learn everything you need to know legally.

Tags: Learn, Legally  ✍ Author: John Irving

We believe the use of force against Iraq, especially with reference to previous resolutions of the UN Security Council, has no grounds, including legal grounds.

Tags: Against, Security  ✍ Author: Igor Ivanov

The duty of government is to leave commerce to its own capital and credit as well as all other branches of business, protecting all in their legal pursuits, granting exclusive privileges to none.

Tags: Business, Government  ✍ Author: Andrew Jackson

I have written about the dispossessed, immigrants, the condition of women who do not enjoy the same legal rights as men, the Palestinians who are deprived of their land and condemned to exile.

Tags: Men, Women  ✍ Author: Tahar Ben Jelloun

Gambling is legal and betting is legal, for what I bet.

Tags: Bet, Gambling  ✍ Author: Michael Jordan

I think a child should be allowed to take his father's or mother's name at will on coming of age. Paternity is a legal fiction.

Tags: Age, Mother  ✍ Author: James Joyce

I've led a school whose faculty and students examine and discuss and debate every aspect of our law and legal system. And what I've learned most is that no one has a monopoly on truth or wisdom. I've learned that we make progress by listening to each other, across every apparent political or ideological divide.

Tags: Truth, Wisdom  ✍ Author: Elena Kagan

To have the opportunity to lead the Solicitor General's office is the honor of a lifetime. As you know, this is an office with a long and rich tradition, not only of extraordinary legal skill but also of extraordinary professionalism and integrity. That is due, in large measure, to the people who have led it.

Tags: Integrity, Rich  ✍ Author: Elena Kagan

When the Senate ceases to engage nominees in meaningful discussion of legal issues, the confirmation process takes on an air of vacuity and farce, and the Senate becomes incapable of either properly evaluating nominees or appropriately educating the public.

Tags: Process, Public  ✍ Author: Elena Kagan

On behalf of NARAL Pro-Choice America - and our one million member activists - I am honored to be here to talk to you about what's at stake for women in 2012. I am proud to say that the Democratic Party believes that women have the right to choose a safe, legal abortion with dignity and privacy.

Tags: America, Women  ✍ Author: Nancy Keenan

Lawyers, I suppose, were children once.

Tags: Children, Once  ✍ Author: Charles Lamb

He is no lawyer who cannot take two sides.

Tags: Cannot, Lawyer  ✍ Author: Charles Lamb

I showed that privacy was an implicit right in Jewish law, probably going back to the second or third century, when it was elaborated on in a legal way.

Tags: Law, Second  ✍ Author: Johann Heinrich Lambert

Crime and legal stories, broadly speaking, are just where my interest happens to lie.

Tags: Happens, Lie  ✍ Author: Martin Landau

I object to a legal approach when settling questions of science or scientific behavior.

Tags: Behavior, Science  ✍ Author: K. D. Lang

Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character.

Tags: Authority, Character  ✍ Author: Robert E. Lee

It is essential to link enterprises on the basis of objective laws of a socialist economy and legal system.

Tags: Economy, System  ✍ Author: Rob Machado

It is true that the aristocracies seem to have abused their monopoly of legal knowledge; and at all events their exclusive possession of the law was a formidable impediment to the success of those popular movements which began to be universal in the western world.

Tags: Knowledge, Success  ✍ Author: Henry James Sumner Maine

The legal system is often a mystery, and we, its priests, preside over rituals baffling to everyday citizens.

Tags: Everyday, Often  ✍ Author: Henry Miller

I later spent... five to eight months in hospitals in New Jersey, always on an involuntary basis, and always attempting a legal argument for release.

Tags: Five, Months  ✍ Author: John Forbes Nash, Jr.

However, there is no legal and legitimate state called Israel.

Tags: However, State  ✍ Author: Hassan Nasrallah

When men are arrested without any legal basis and for political reasons, it's merely a routine, everyday occurrence in Russia, and hardly anyone has any sympathy.

Tags: Men, Sympathy  ✍ Author: Bruce Nauman

For centuries we have been living in the society where not laws but people ruled, where there was no legal state.

Tags: Living, Society  ✍ Author: Kunal Nayyar

We do not believe voters gave President Bush a mandate to turn back the clock decades on so many of our legal protections.

Tags: President, Turn  ✍ Author: Scott Nearing

We not only have a legal obligation to honor our commitments, we have a moral obligation to provide the coverage we promised to provide to these people.

Tags: Honor, Moral  ✍ Author: Bob Ney

In recent years personal injury attorneys and trial lawyers have attacked the food industry with numerous lawsuits alleging that these businesses should pay monetary damages to those who, of their own accord, consume too much of a legal, safe product.

Tags: Food, Personal  ✍ Author: Bob Ney

If there is one thing I am, it's always right.

Tags: Fully, Support  ✍ Author: Ted Nugent

To play a lawyer and have one year of law school under your belt, you sort of know what you're talking about! I'm able to memorize the legal courtroom stuff a lot faster than I would have been able to otherwise.

Tags: Law, School  ✍ Author: Jerry O\'Connell

I wish that there were more stringent laws to make guns sold anywhere that they're legal harder to get.

Tags: Guns, Wish  ✍ Author: Rosie O\'Donnell

Children must be considered in a divorce considered valuable pawns in the nasty legal and financial contest that is about to ensue.

Tags: Children, Divorce  ✍ Author: P. J. O\'Rourke

Every one with this writ may be a tyrant; if this commission be legal, a tyrant in a legal manner, also, may control, imprison, or murder any one within the realm.

Tags: Control, May  ✍ Author: James Otis

Unfortunately, corruption is widespread in government agencies and public enterprises. Our political system promotes nepotism and wasting money. This has undermined our legal system and confidence in the functioning of the state. One of the consequences is that many citizens don't pay their taxes.

Tags: Government, Money  ✍ Author: George Papandreou

Justice in the life and conduct of the State is possible only as first it resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens.

Tags: Justice, Life  ✍ Author: Sylvia Plath

In terms of the legal matter of creating a contract between two people that's called marriage, and allowing them to live together with the protection of law, it seems to me is the way we should be moving in this country.

Tags: Marriage, Moving  ✍ Author: Colin Powell

Misery is the company of lawsuits.

Tags: Company, Misery  ✍ Author: Lily Rabe

I think that the proposed constitution is one of the European legal documents with the strongest social dimension I have seen since I began following European issues.

Tags: Since, Social  ✍ Author: Jean-Pierre Raffarin

Potentially, a government is the most dangerous threat to man's rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.

Tags: Against, Government  ✍ Author: Ayn Rand

Yusuf Qaradawi is probably the most well-known legal authority in the whole Muslim world today.

Tags: Today, Whole  ✍ Author: Melissa Rauch

I believe wholeheartedly in marriage. I don't exclusively mean a marriage with a legal contract, but any relationship that constitutes a marriage because of the quality of their relationship.

Tags: Marriage, Mean  ✍ Author: Helen Reddy

Make crime pay. Become a lawyer.

Tags: Become, Pay  ✍ Author: Will Rogers

People are getting smarter nowadays; they are letting lawyers, instead of their conscience, be their guide.

Tags: Conscience, Getting  ✍ Author: Will Rogers

Gay marriage is the last bastion of, to me... as a legal, ceremonial, sentimental and religious side, it's one of the last steps. Retaining your job being one of the earlier steps, like, not getting kicked out of your job because you're gay.

Tags: Gay, Marriage  ✍ Author: Gus Van Sant

Compromise is the best and cheapest lawyer.

Tags: Best, Compromise  ✍ Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

By incentivizing Wall Street players to sniff out inefficient or corrupt companies and bet against them, short-selling acts as a sort of policing system; legal short-sellers have been instrumental in helping expose firms like Enron and WorldCom.

Tags: Against, System  ✍ Author: Matt Taibbi

You win the modern financial-regulation game by filing the most motions, attending the most hearings, giving the most money to the most politicians and, above all, by keeping at it, day after day, year after fiscal year, until stealing is legal again.

Tags: Game, Money  ✍ Author: Matt Taibbi

The Democratic Party looks at massive immigration, legal and illegal, as a source of voters.

Tags: Looks, Party  ✍ Author: Tom Tancredo

The Republican Party looks at massive immigration, legal and illegal, as a source of cheap labor, satisfying a very important constituency.

Tags: Party, Republican  ✍ Author: Tom Tancredo

They view massive immigration as a massive infusion of potential voters for the Democratic Party, and therefore will do nothing, absolutely nothing to stop that flow of legal or illegal entrance into the country.

Tags: Country, Stop  ✍ Author: Tom Tancredo

Men's indignation, it seems, is more excited by legal wrong than by violent wrong; the first looks like being cheated by an equal, the second like being compelled by a superior.

Tags: Men, Wrong  ✍ Author: Henry David Thoreau

Driving at high speed where safe and legal is part of my life. As well as a higher top speed I wanted even better stability in my FX and that meant work on the aerodynamics.

Tags: Life, Work  ✍ Author: Sebastian Vettel

A married woman has the same right to control her own body as does an unmarried woman.

Tags: Control, Woman  ✍ Author: Larry Wachowski

I used to want to be a lawyer, but I didn't want to have half my brain sucked out.

Tags: Brain, Used  ✍ Author: Max Walker

Today the people from my State of Tennessee would listen to this debate, or even talk about a reference to God on our money or in the Halls of Congress or in our Pledge and say, please, let common sense and logic win the day and prevail versus legal mumbo jumbo.

Tags: God, Money  ✍ Author: Zach Wamp

In Psalm 72, Solomon prays for power and fame but he says the purpose of influence is to speak up for others and one is the immigrant. He doesn't delineate between legal and illegal.

Tags: Others, Power  ✍ Author: Rau\'Shee Warren

Advertising is legalized lying.

Tags: Lying  ✍ Author: H. G. Wells

I busted a mirror and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five.

Tags: Bad, Luck  ✍ Author: Steven Wright

Every non-political human grouping of whatever kind, legal, social, religious, economic or other becomes at last political if it creates an opposition deep enough to range men against one another as enemies.

Tags: Deep, Men  ✍ Author: Francis Parker Yockey

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