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Geneticists Quotes

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How does one happen to write a poem: where does it come from? That is the question asked by the psychologists or the geneticists of poetry.

Tags: Happen, Poetry, Write  ✍ Author: Allen Tate

If you talk to geneticists they are constantly finding that your genes are being switched on and off because of the environment. Genes alone do not determine an exact path in your life.

Tags: Alone, Life, Path  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Eugenides

Jellyfish serve as a model for bioengineers for the same reason yeast were once so valuable to geneticists: they're simple to deconstruct.

Tags: Once, Reason, Simple  ✍ Author: John Kluge

As a consequence, geneticists described evolution simply as a change in gene frequencies in populations, totally ignoring the fact that evolution consists of the two simultaneous but quite separate phenomena of adaptation and diversification.

Tags: Change, Fact, Quite  ✍ Author: Ernst Mayr

The major novelty of my theory was its claim that the most rapid evolutionary change does not occur in widespread, populous species, as claimed by Most geneticists, but in small founder populations.

Tags: Change, Small, Theory  ✍ Author: Ernst Mayr

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Geneticists quote #2
Geneticists quote #2
Geneticists quote #2
Geneticists quote #2
Geneticists quote #2

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