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Glen Mazzara's Quotes

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Born: 1967-07-06
Profession: Producer
Nation: American
Biography of Glen Mazzara

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I think horror films always have to be as simple as possible.

Tags: Films, Possible, Simple

If you're going to run a small business, you need to know what everyone is doing, be the first one in and the last one out, and work weekends.

Tags: Business, Small, Work

One of the things I've learned by working on the 'Walking Dead' and other TV shows is to be more tolerant of other people's process.

Tags: Dead, Learned, Working

Sharing information with employees makes them feel invested.

Tags: Employees, Makes, Sharing

The key things I learned as a hospital administrator are to be organized, communicate, and be flexible.

Tags: Hospital, Key, Learned

A lot of what I do as a showrunner is anxiety control. People get nervous when they don't know what's going on, so a big part of my job is making sure everyone has all of the information all of the time.

Tags: Control, Job, Time

Don't forget, I've been fired by studios; I'm not the studio's guy. I'm a guy who can work with studios, but if you ask any studio, I stand up to these people.

Tags: Forget, Stand, Work

I created a show called 'Crash' for Starz, which was their first original drama, and that was not a good experience. I had a great time working with the cast and crew, but it was a young network and an intrusive studio, and to be honest I didn't really enjoy the movie 'Crash.'

Tags: Good, Great, Time

I went to NYU undergraduate, then for a Master's in English, and got a summer job at St. Vincent's. I was a ward clerk handling everything in an intensive care unit.

Tags: Care, Job, Summer

It's better to grow your employees, steer them into a place that they can learn and succeed, and want to work hard and be loyal, than to have a revolving door of employees. That's demoralizing.

Tags: Hard, Place, Work

That's the holy grail as a TV writer, to work on a story that you care about and to put it out there and for it to find the audience and connect with fans and connect with critics.

Tags: Care, Put, Work

When you're managing an emergency department, you're trying to keep everybody calm, so when an emergency comes in the door, everyone can do their best work.

Tags: Best, Trying, Work
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Glen Mazzara's quote #6
Glen Mazzara's quote #6
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