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Haiti Quotes

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And the fact that Haiti was occupied for 19 years by the United States, from 1915 to 1934.

Tags: Fact, United  ✍ Author: Edwidge Danticat

In Haiti you had the Duvaliers for 29 years and they were very well supported by the United States.

Tags: Supported, United  ✍ Author: Edwidge Danticat

People think that there is a country there that these people are only around when they are on CNN. I don't think that's limited to Haiti.

Tags: Country, Limited  ✍ Author: Edwidge Danticat

I can't think of a better model for Haiti rebuilding than Rwanda.

Tags: Model, Rebuilding  ✍ Author: Paul Farmer

Some people talk about Haiti as being the graveyard of development projects.

Tags: Projects, Talk  ✍ Author: Paul Farmer

Haiti is open for business!

Tags: Business, Open  ✍ Author: Laurent Lamothe

I am currently in Haiti to help the Haitian people in their reconstruction.

Tags: Haitian, Help  ✍ Author: Jean Claude Duvalier

It is the destiny of the people of Haiti to suffer.

Tags: Destiny, Suffer  ✍ Author: Jean Claude Duvalier

You know, we do not want the militarization of Haiti. We do not see a Haitian as a protectorate where it relinquishes its own sovereignty.

Tags: Haitian  ✍ Author: Danny Glover

Everything in Haiti right now is a priority.

Tags: Priority  ✍ Author: Michel Martelly

Haiti has changed a lot.

Tags: Changed  ✍ Author: Michel Martelly

Haiti is in desperate poverty.

Tags: Desperate, Poverty  ✍ Author: Pat Robertson

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