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The realization of a sustainable economic development strategy for Maine's Native American communities has always been a priority and a critical element of my administration's overall economic development strategy.

Tags: American, Economic  ✍ Author: John Baldacci

Our first priority is our kids.

Tags: Kids  ✍ Author: Kirk Cameron

As Governor of North Carolina for two terms, I made improving education a top priority.

Tags: Education, Top  ✍ Author: Michael F. Easley

My time with my family is a priority.

Tags: Family, Time  ✍ Author: Nick Faldo

It's never been a priority for me to concentrate on the likability of the character.

Tags: Character  ✍ Author: Johnny Galecki

Eating well is a lifelong priority.

Tags: Eating, Lifelong  ✍ Author: Sara Ramirez

The Iraq war took priority over domestic disaster prevention.

Tags: Took, War  ✍ Author: Charles Rangel

I must use Ferrari to the maximum. My priority is to get results. Then we will see what happens.

Tags: Happens, Results  ✍ Author: Jean Alesi

The FBI has long been a part of the security for the nation's banks because bank robberies have been a priority.

Tags: Nation, Security  ✍ Author: John Ashcroft

There is no priority higher than the prevention of terrorism.

Tags: Higher, Terrorism  ✍ Author: John Ashcroft

My children are my priority and always have been.

Tags: Children  ✍ Author: Victoria Beckham

The Canadian franchises and Canada as a market for NHL hockey has always been a priority for us.

Tags: Hockey, Market  ✍ Author: Gary Bettman

Increased funding for the Weatherization Assistance Program is a priority for the Bush Administration, and I am pleased that many families in North Carolina will benefit from this increase.

Tags: Benefit, Families  ✍ Author: Richard Burr

Preserving and protecting the state tobacco settlement funds is the nation's Governors highest priority.

Tags: Nation, State  ✍ Author: Mel Carnahan

We must make children and families a national priority.

Tags: Children, National  ✍ Author: Robert Casey

My family is my number one priority.

Tags: Family, Number  ✍ Author: Georgina Chapman

My first love is the sport, and it will always be my priority.

Tags: Love  ✍ Author: Linford Christie

People habitat has to take priority over bird habitat.

Tags: Bird, Habitat  ✍ Author: Byron Dorgan

Bungle is definitely a priority right now.

Tags: Definitely  ✍ Author: Trevor Dunn

Family is 100 per cent my top priority.

Tags: Family, Top  ✍ Author: Isla Fisher

Being with my family is my highest priority.

Tags: Family, Highest  ✍ Author: Bethenny Frankel

It has been a top priority of Congress to reduce the drug costs of all seniors.

Tags: Congress, Top  ✍ Author: Paul Gillmor
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My first priority is to my wife, as hers is to me, and to our child.

Tags: Child, Wife  ✍ Author: Iain Glen

Pickups, S.U.V.'s, vans and the like represent about 80 million vehicles, with mileage of perhaps 13 to 16 miles per gallon. Converting those should be our first priority.

Tags: Million, Perhaps  ✍ Author: Andy Grove

It's become more and more of a priority for me to tread as lightly as possible in the world.

Tags: Become, Possible  ✍ Author: Shalom Harlow

Pitching is a priority.

Tags: Pitching  ✍ Author: Elias Hicks

My mission is to put France back on its feet. The priority is employment. Efforts have to be made, but those efforts must be made fairly.

Tags: Feet, Put  ✍ Author: Francois Hollande

A servant church must have as its priority solidarity with the poor.

Tags: Church, Poor  ✍ Author: Claudio Hummes

Singing and entertainment are now my first priority.

Tags: Singing  ✍ Author: William Hung

I didn't make it a priority, and as a result my knee didn't heal to the extent it should have.

Tags: Heal, Result  ✍ Author: Shawn Johnson

Talent is the No. 1 priority for a CEO. You think it's about vision and strategy, but you have to get the right people first.

Tags: Talent, Vision  ✍ Author: Denise Juneau

Sleep has never been a priority in my life.

Tags: Life, Sleep  ✍ Author: Ryan Kwanten

Everything in Haiti right now is a priority.

Tags: Haiti  ✍ Author: Michel Martelly

I make our family traditions a priority.

Tags: Family, Traditions  ✍ Author: Martina McBride

My family is my priority.

Tags: Family  ✍ Author: Jason McCoy

If I were to explore music, I'd want to just focus on that and make that my priority.

Tags: Focus, Music  ✍ Author: Maia Mitchell

I really want to do good work. I really do. My priority isn't stardom.

Tags: Good, Work  ✍ Author: Michelle Monaghan

I want to work, but being a mom is my No. 1 priority.

Tags: Mom, Work  ✍ Author: Gena Lee Nolin

Ensuring Americans have access to adequate medical care should be a priority for all of us.

Tags: Care, Medical  ✍ Author: Dave Reichert

Creating new jobs for Pennsylvanians continues to be my highest priority throughout the Commonwealth.

Tags: Highest, Jobs  ✍ Author: Edward G. Rendell

'SNL' is our main priority because that was our first big break.

Tags: Big, Break  ✍ Author: Akiva Schaffer

The very damaging, frightening part of postpartum is the lack of perspective and the lack of priority and understanding what is really important.

Tags: Lack, Postpartum  ✍ Author: Brooke Shields

All four majors are definitely a priority.

Tags: Definitely, Four  ✍ Author: Karrie Webb

When popularity is your only goal, doing well in class is going to feature very low, if at all, on your priority list.

Tags: Class, Goal  ✍ Author: Arabella Weir

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