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Henrique Capriles Radonski's Quotes

Henrique Capriles Radonski profile photo

Born: 1972-07-11
Profession: Politician
Nation: Venezuelan
Biography of Henrique Capriles Radonski

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I'm like a ship captain: I have a woman in every port.

Tags: Captain, Ship, Woman

I aspire to be the president of all Venezuelans. The message is clear. Venezuelans are fed up with confrontation, with division.

Tags: Clear, Message, President

When you're in prison, you either embrace religion or you reject it. I embraced it; it was a very spiritual time for me.

Tags: Religion, Spiritual, Time

How have relations with Iran and Belarus benefited Venezuela? We are interested in countries that have democracies, that respect human rights, that we have an affinity with. What affinity do we have with Iran?

Tags: Human, Respect, Rights

Today, the future of Venezuela won and, as we said, we repeat to everyone: there is a path, there is a path for progress, for the future, to make Venezuela a greater country.

Tags: Country, Future, Today

I have never lost an election yet. I am a winner. Let's just say that.

Tags: Election, Lost, Winner

I think 40 is a good age to run a country. But I've always been fast.

Tags: Age, Country, Good

The best university is the university of life.

Tags: Best, Life, University

Judge for yourself who's still fighting for change and who got sick on power, because the person in the Miraflores has forgotten about the people of Venezuela.

Tags: Change, Power, Yourself

The foreign policy of this government is driven by politics - to extend a revolution worldwide. My objective with regards to foreign relations is to benefit all Venezuelans.

Tags: Government, Politics, Revolution

There will be a winner. There will a president-elect. But there will not be a defeated people. Tomorrow, we are only one country, only one Venezuela. Tomorrow in the country there are many problems that we have to resolve. Problems do not wait.

Tags: Country, Problems, Tomorrow

They say that if I win that I'll take away benefits, but the only one who has expropriated things from you is this government. After visiting all around our Venezuela, I don't have a doubt that we will win.

Tags: Doubt, Government, Win

This is what happened to me when I received the governorship. The corrupt previous governor didn't do the handover. We received the Miranda governorship completely dismantled.

Tags: Corrupt, Governor, Happened

Venezuelans are tired of 14 years of promises and no results. The only things growing are inflation, murder and crime. The good indicators - production, education and jobs - are all falling.

Tags: Education, Good, Tired

Venezuelans have a deep democratic conviction. If the government hotheads ventured out to stir violence they would encounter the armed forces. I don't believe the armed forces respond to a political party.

Tags: Deep, Government, Political
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